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E/D/E achieves good results close to preceding year

  • 5.2 billion Euros overall turnover
  • High level of preceding year almost confirmed
  • Strategic aims until 2020 defined

Wuppertal/Duesseldorf – With a trade volume of 5.2 billion Euros, the Wuppertal-based association E/D/E almost achieved the outstanding result of the preceding year in 2013. E/D/E achieved a turnover with its member companies which was only lessened by 2.2 percent compared to 2012, inspite of special structural effects amounting to roughly 300 million Euros as a consequence of separation from Zeus and the wood sector.

The preliminary annual net-profit peaked at 22.4 million Euros, cashflow within the past business year amounted to 30.2 million Euros. Again a large part of the annual net profit was retained, the equity ratio was raised to 42.7 percent and thus a new bench mark was achieved. Net assets are rising from 293 million Euros (2012) to 316 million Euros as planned. The solid financial standing of the company allows E/D/E to compute more than 12 million Euros as invest for defined future projects (construction measures and IT-projects) in 2014.

The important national business of E/D/E peaked at 4.4 billion Euros in 2013 (minus 6.1 percent). In Europe, turnover surmounted the preceding year with 798 million Euros (an increase of 26 percent).

After a slow first quarter with a minus of 7.5 percent, turnover got closer to the developments of the preceding year in the second and third quarter (minus 1.7 percent and 0.9 percent). In the fourth quarter the decrease was at 1.2 percent, with E/D/E closing the months of October and December with a slight plus.

The seven product areas of E/D/E present different developments. As in the preceding year, the steel-sector (UNION STAHL-HANDEL) and building services were able to make their positive mark with a good one-digit increase in turnover. Turnover in UNION STAHL-HANDEL increased during the business year 2013 with 32 million Euros peaking at 916 million Euros. Building services shows once more significant growth with a turnover of 1.2 billion Euros (plus 6.8 percent).

The divisons of tools, machines, construction equipment, factory equipment and welding technology were able to stand their ground successfully in the market at 1.26 billion Euros (minus 11.3 percent). In the E/D/E division of structural elements as well as technical trade the turnover declined in 2013 slightly with 5.5 percent resulting in 1.65 billion Euros.

As of the start of 2013, ETRIS BANK as a special financial institute for central payment, payments and trade financing took over central payment and del credere completely from E/D/E. EURO-DIY as a newly formed retail-subsidiary of E/D/E and EK/servicegroup took up business as planned on January 1st 2013. In the area of acquisition, EURO-DIY hitherto wants to cooperate closely with HELLWEG Die Profi-Baumärkte GmbH & Co. To that end, both companies founded the new DIYpartner GmbH.

As of December 31st, 2013, E/D/E employed 895 persons, 28 more than in 2012. Again, 20 trainees were hired. Thus 59 young people underwent their first professional training at E/D/E throughout the course of the year.

Within the context of the new company strategy CHALLENGE 2020, E/D/E has postulated a vision and clear aims until the year 2020 for itself. Turnover is to be expanded to ten billion Euros and is thus meant to almost double. In Germany, the target-number is 7.8 billion Euros, for Europe 2.2 billion Euros.

For 2014, E/D/E plans an increase in turnover up to 5.5 billion Euros, equivalent to a plus of 6.9 percent. The first weeks of the current year went well and above plan. The increase in turnover amounts to 30 million Euros in January, meaning 7.3 percent.

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