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E/D/E emphasizes its international focus

  • Founding of companies for central accounting  business in Spain and France
  • Turnover target of 638 million euros for 2012 will definitely be reached 
  • Turnover in Europe up to one billion euros within three or four years  
  • Equity participation in partner company Cecofersa

The central accounting becomes European and E/D/E  is heading this process: Together with its partners Cecofersa in Spain and Groupe SOCODA in France and via the fully owned subsidiary EDE International the Wuppertal-based association founded own companies for the central accounting business in both of the countries strictly following its European strategy. By means of an equity participation in Cecofersa E/D/E additionally deepens its partnership with the Spanish purchasing association.

The recently performed founding of Delcredit Spain and Delcredit France was the next logical and strategical step in its growth strategy in Europe. E/D/E is convinced that the extraordinary successful model of central accounting including delcredere as practiced in Germany will also result in competitive advantages for trading companies and suppliers in other countries. Therefore the association now carries this process into other markets and takes in a pioneering role.

Dr. Andreas Trautwein, responsible for the international activities within the E/D/E executive board, explains the strategic consideration behind the founding of the companies in Spain and France: „The central accounting including delcredere constitutes our core business. Together with our partners in Spain and France and by founding own companies for the central accounting business we are able to adopt it perfectly to the respective national general conditions.  Thus, our partners benefit from the experience and the international supplier contacts maintained by E/D/E.” By founding the new companies E/D/E sets the ground for EDE International to record a turnover of more than one billion euros within three or four years. The turnover target of 638 million euros for 2012 will definitely be reached. 

Peter Baur, managing director of EDE International relates the founding of the companies with an extension of the E/D/E service offer in Spain and France. „We have been able to adapt our successful concepts around logistics, catalogs and trade marks to local market conditions. As a result our members record much better progress than the competition and the market. The central accounting is a further essential component to improve the interface between trading companies and suppliers on mutual benefit.“ This service is intended for all E/D/E members as well as the members of Cecofersa and SOCODA.

Dr. Andreas Trautwein is convinced of the prospects of success of the central accounting companies. „Economic crisis such as the Spanish one also provide new opportunities to revalue the own situation. Particularly in difficult times it is even more important for both, suppliers and trading companies, to provide for a reliable and simple accounting process“, emphasizes the E/D/E manager.

The company Delcredit France S.A.S. based in Paris was founded on 14. August 2012. The participating partners are E/D/E with 74.9 per cent of the shares and Groupe SOCODA with 25.1 percent of the shares. It was possible to gain a real sector specialist:Alexander Serre – the new managing director.

Delcredit España S.A. based in Madrid was founded on 14. September 2012. The managing director is Rafael Martin who switches from the executive board of Cecofersa to Delcredit Spain. The participating partners are E/D/E with 71 per cent and Cecofersa with 29 per cent of the company´s shares.

At the end of July EDE International additionally assumed 25 per cent of the partner company Cecofersa as part of a capital increase. The composition of the executive board around chairman Balbino Menéndez will not change in any way. We neither have any takeover plans, emphasizes Dr. Andreas Trautwein: „We intent to consolidate our longstanding solidarity and our common visions to get a firm structure and thus extend our cooperation.“ Common projects to further strengthen the competitive situation of the members of Cecofersa and E/D/E are already scheduled.

As largest purchasing and marketing association for industrial wholesale distribution – B2B - E/D/E recorded a turnover in Europe of 599 million euros in 2011 (total turnover in 2011: 5.2 billion euros) with its 200 direct members and a further 500 trading companies indirectly linked to E/D/E via five partnerships. All international operations of the Wuppertal-based familiy company are combined in the subsidiary EDE International since last year. Together with Cecofersa and the Groupe SOCODA E/D/E and three further partners are associated within the European marketing and purchasing group, Euro-Craft.

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