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The Kinetic Technology sector was founded in 2009 and forms a conceptual umbrella organisation: The goods sectors of pneumatics, hydraulics, warehouse technology, linear technology and drive technology are secondary sectors to this sector. All general themes of the sectors merged together in the umbrella organisation.

The main purpose of the expert group is the training of competence groups in each individual sector. These competence groups should be viewed as the backbone of the expert group and are run with specialists from the relevant sectors. The most important findings and results of competence groups are available to all participants of the expert group.

The Pneumatics competence group was founded right at the beginning, together with the expert group. In 2011, the Pneumatics sector generated a total of €8 million in turnover.

Currently, the Pneumatics competence group is handling the compilation of its own catalogue for the Kinetics expert group – including logistics services. The first catalogue will have a scope of about 600 pages and depict 18,000 products.

The new catalogue for the competence group was released in June 2011 with a number of 14,000 copies. Under the titel "Druckluft/Pneumatik Navigator" ("Pressurized air/Pneumatics navigator") more than 10,000 articles are listed on roughly 600 pages. The logistics support which was hardwired into the concept, started in October 2011. Thus, 2000 articles from the items groups of compressed air treatment, pressure distribution, screws and connection pieces and pressurized air control are avaible directly from the central warehouse. 

The competence groups are supported by outstanding technically educated employees, who have lots of knowledge about the relevant products.





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