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Vocational training with standards

Are you committed, flexible and ready to provide an above average performance? Are you interested in modern information and communication technology? Then we would be happy if you were to support our teams with over 700 specialists from various sectors.

Depending on the vocational training career, you can collect practical experience in the following sectors:

  • Purchasing and sales
  • Finance and accounting
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Logistics
  • IT/organisation

Internal training sessions and seminars supplement and deepen the content of your vocational training course, getting you ready to gain an outstanding result in the completion of your vocational training. The structured and substantiated vocational training within the E/D/E is a good basis for subsequent specialisation and career.

Educational prerequisites:

  • Management assistant for wholesale and foreign trade: Commercial college/advanced technical certificate
  • Management assistant for marketing communication: Commercial college/advanced technical certificate
  • Media designer for digital and print media: Commercial college/advanced technical certificate
  • Qualified IT specialist for system integration: Commercial college/advanced technical certificate
  • Qualified IT specialist for application development: Commercial college/advanced technical certificate
  • Specialist for warehouse logistics: Very good GCSE results with qualification

In addition, you will bring with you:

  • A talent for organisation
  • Interest in commercial activities and technical products
  • The ability to work as a team
  • Knowledge of at least one foreign language
  • A commitment to provide service
  • A high level of flexibility
  • … and unconditional motivation!
  • Warehouse logistics expert

    Our specialists for warehouse logistics store and dispatch the various products for our members and their customers from our wide stocked range. To do this, they operate transportation devices and data processing warehouse management systems, which are all state of the art. As well as the acceptance, storage, picking and dispatch of products, they carry out quality and inventory checks, processing stock lists and dispatch and shipping documents.

  • Qualified IT specialist for system integration

    Our qualified IT specialists in the field of system integration realise customer-specific information and communications solutions. To do this, they network hardware and software components into complex systems. As well as this, they advise and train users.

  • Media designer for digital and print media

    Media designers for digital and print media provide a fundamental contribution to the design and production of classic and digital advertising resources (brochures, advertisers, posters, catalogues, websites, DVD and CD-ROM applications). In their daily work, customer consultation is the focal point for the conceptual and technical design of media and the implementation of customer requirements.

  • Employee for marketing-communications

    Professional advertising opens up new channels of market development and is of central significance for our customers. Business assistants for marketing communication observe and analyse the markets, define target groups and create concepts for successful sales pitches. They develop advertising campaigns and catalogues, organise trade fairs and manage their organisational implementation including the calculation of budgets.

  • Wholesale and external trade employee

    Sales people in wholesale and external trade always have up-to-the-minute information about the market situation. In the E/D/E, they organise the national and international purchasing and sale of tools, machinery, structural fittings and structural elements, together with steel and fixing systems, while using their foreign language skills. Advising our traders, handling payment procedures and organising advertising measures are also part of the day-to-day business.

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