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E/D/E expands management and strengthens core functions

The buying association E/D/E based in Wuppertal has effectively enlarged its Board of Directors at the beginning of the year. Through the functionally more differentiated distribution of responsibility, the operative business is to be managed in the future to strengthen the competitiveness and future viability of the members with even greater proximity and orientation to the needs.

Wuppertal – Since 2016, the E/D/E Group has intensively confronted itself with the changed market conditions and the requirements of a modern buying association in line with its strategic and organisational development process EVOLUTION. „The entrepreneurial decisions that have now been made are intended to make a significant contribution to better accompanying the numerous changes in the market and among the members in order to further strengthen the competitiveness and future viability of the specialist dealers“, says Dr. Andreas Trautwein, Chairman of the Board.

Under consideration of the current and future market developments as well as the major issues of digitalisation and e-business/e-commerce, E/D/E sees itself more and more challenged than ever in its task of strengthening the owner-managed, medium-sized industrial B2B trade. In order to meet its own requirements and, above all, the expectations of its members, cooperation partners and suppliers, the management of E/D/E GmbH has been restructured and competently expanded.

The previous management division „Products and Sales“, which includes, amongst others, the product groups tools (including power tools), construction equipment, workshop equipment, welding technology, personal protection equipment/technical trade and fittings, components, fasteners, sanitary and installations as well as the division of steel, have been structured in a new way. The responsibility for this very broad spectrum is spread across several shoulders in order to ensure that members, cooperation partners and suppliers can be supported even more intensively and in line with requirements.

Dr. Christoph Grote, active at E/D/E since 1995, including eight years in the Board of Directors, is responsible for the following areas since 1st January 2019: tools (incl. power tools), workshop equipment, welding technology as well as as personal protection equipment/technical trade. Within the months to come, a strategic procurement management as well as a comprehensive member management shall be set up under the responsibility of Dr. Grote. This is to be seen as a consistent step in order to further implement the concluded organisational development of the E/D/E within the framework of the implementation of the vision of the future.

Peter Jüngst and Thomas Henkel were called to the Board of Directors of the E/D/E with effect from 1st of January 2019. 

Peter Jüngst (58), who has been a successful manager within the landscape of buying associations for many years, is taking over the management of the trading division construction including the product groups construction and furniture fittings, fasteners, construction equipment as well as sanitary and installations and steel. Furthermore, Mr. Jüngst is responsible within the Board of Directors for logistics, whose expansion will play a central role in the future.

Thomas Henkel (52) a distinguished expert in the field of IT, will as well expand the Board of Directors. With this, the growing importance of IT for the performance of the E/D/E Group is to be taken into account and the IT landscape is to be designed in such a way that the upcoming strategy-driven change and digitization processes are successfully managed via IT-based solutions.

Joachim Hiemeyer (58), in the Board of Directors at E/D/E since 2014, will in line with his responsibility increasingly focus on data & services. Here, it will be of central importance to develop and provide tailor-made services and digital solutions such as e-commerce, e-business, product data, information and data exchange for E/D/E partners within the buying association. His responsibility to support the E/D/E members with market-orientated services in the divisions of Marketing and AKADEMIE remains unchanged.

Dr. Ferdinand von Alvensleben (58), in the Board of Directors at E/D/E since 2013, will in the future focus on the major topics of modern Human Resources Management. A key point will be to find solutions to meet the current challenges such as demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers, that medium-sized enterprises see themselves currently confronted with.

At EDE International no changes will occur in this context. Annegret Franzen (46) continues to hold the central responsibility to manage sales-related topics within Europe. She and her team will continue to provide competent support to members, cooperation partners and suppliers abroad.

Dr. Andreas Trautwein: „I am pleased that we have found a process within the framework of EVOLUTION, which has set us in a position, based on our strategy, to continuously further develop our organisation. For the new management positions we were able to recruit experienced experts and managers for E/D/E. With the reorganization of the management and the additional, in the sense of a personnel offensive planned reinforcement in the product and service areas below this level, we are well equipped for current and future tasks. In the new structure, we are in a position to adequately implement important core functions of a modern buying association such as purchasing, member support, digital services, IT and logistics within the organization with even greater operational proximity to day-to-day business. All this serves the goal of strengthening the competitiveness and future viability of our members even more consistently.“


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