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EDE International with its own Internet presence

EDE International's first own website is now online at ede-international.com. And with it an up-to-date and informative platform to get and stay in touch with international members, cooperation partners, suppliers, and other interested parties.

"Good communication is the key to success in the association group business and this also includes a proper and modern internet presence. That is why I am pleased that we are finally introducing this as a complementary element. I am sure that this kind of communication will help us to transport news to the market faster in the future", emphasises Annegret Franzen, Managing Director of EDE international AG. The first own website is an important part of EDE international's strategy and a further step towards improved digital communication. It also pays off overall on the gradual digitalisation of all business processes.

Modern design, comprehensive overview of services

As a pan-European company, EDE international provides the website in English, but with an integrated translation tool. "This allows us to simultaneously offer a multitude of  languages of the European countries whose markets we currently serve at the same time - at present, these are 29 countries in addition to Germany," explains Mayte Jakstait, International Projects, Business Relations & Communications Manager at EDE international.

Interested parties, existing members, partners and suppliers will find a clearly presented and up-to-date overview of the company's history, its service modules, European activities and the network of European joint ventures, cooperation partners and members on the modern website. Of course, links to important pages of the E/D/E Group can also be found - for example, to the trademarks and ETRIS BANK.

Continuing development instead of stagnation

"A website is a project that never rests. There is always something to do and improve," Mayte Jakstait knows and announces: "We will continuously optimise the site as needed. And that in all areas: Content, design and technical features." The next development steps and upgrades are already planned. For example, a private login area for members and suppliers will soon be created and it will be possible to subscribe to newsletters. In addition, a separate news section will regularly report on news such as special events in the members', cooperation partners' and suppliers' sphere or inform about own activities as well as the further development of the service modules.

With its new website, EDE international first and foremost enables clear, targeted and modern information access - and that in multilingual form. In particular, however, the website helps to open up and continuously develop communication with European partners.http://www.ede-international.com


Download as PDF: 20221220_EDE_press_information_EDE_International_with_its_own_Internet_presence.pdf


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