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EDE International sets course for the future

EDE International AG has set course for the future with various marketing measures in the European markets as well as a reorganization, also with hindsight to personnel during the course of the year. The goals of the entire E/D/E group remain focused within this context and within the corporate strategy CHALLENGE 2020. The one hundred percent E/D/E subsidiary is delivering a decisive contribution.

Wuppertal – Upon successful completion of all measures from the corporate strategy, the year 2020 will see achievement of a trade volume of ten billion Euros, combining all members and contract suppliers. European activities outside Germany are planned to contribute 2.2 billion Euros.

In order to achieve this, EDE International has already taken major steps, with catalogues still playing an important role in E/D/E’s growing European business. Recently, the new PREMIUM and FORMATplus tools-catalogues appeared simultaneously in six Eu-ropean languages and with more than 100,000 copies. Apart from variants for the French, Spanish, Dutch and Polish market as well as a German edition for the Austrian market, there was also an English edition for quality-tools. Cooperating on catalogues yields time- and cost-advantages for the partners. The assortments can still be adopted to country-specific details. EDE International achieved one of the goals from its plan for 2015 in this way. More international catalogues, for instance the French version of an oc-cupational safety catalogue or a power tools-catalogue for the Polish market will follow.

By sustainably working on the European market, EDE International boosts its publicity in the respective countries. Furthermore, orientation towards service and strength of sales with EDE International are of course spreading by word of mouth in the European industry. Against this backdrop, the general assembly for the Polish FORMATplus members in May this year and the first sales assembly FORUMplus with over 100 attendants from the Benelux-area were well frequented. The premiere of two marketplaces with more than 100 sales persons from Spanish and French partner companies was run successfully by EDE International in September. At the E/D/E headquarters in Wuppertal, the experts familiarized themselves with innovations from the new PREMIUM and FORMATplus tool-catalogues. In Poland, three regional catalogue-trainings with one hundred participants took place.

Intensifying activities of EDE International in Europe is also achieved by consequently expanding country-specific sales con-cepts and cooperations. In France, the proven UNION tool concept was introduced to the local cooperation partner Groupe SOCODA under the name FORUMplus. In Spain, three different and inde-pendent sales concepts are already offered with diverse partners. Apart from the established FORMATplus trademark-concept, intro-duction of FORUMplus to the local market ensued in cooperation with the Spanish B2B-cooperation ASIDE. Additionally, there’s the concept CircumPRO Plus as via the cooperation with strategic partner CECOFERSA. On the Polish market, there’s a further sales concept apart from FORMATplus being implemented with FO-RUMplus, too.

The numerous activities of EDE International lead to a further in-crease in the number of direct members of E/D/E group all over Europe. New member companies could be won in Great Britain, Poland, Austria, France and Romania.

An important milestone within the current business year was the strategic acquisition of shares from Swiss purchasing association e+h Services AG. Therewith, the aimed-for threshold of a trade vol-ume of one billion Euros outside Germany was surpassed early. With the shareholding in e+h, EDE International AG underlined the long-term meaning of its expansion course.

The consequent expansion of European activities also goes hand in hand with a competent replacement for the central management position. With Annegret Franzen (43), an excellent financial expert who is very knowledgeable about the entire B2B-industry has taken over the management of EDE International as of October 1st. The management-team is once again complete and will face the growing challenges of the international markets, in order to achieve zealous goals.

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