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Toolineo – the new brand for online industrial B2B trading

E/D/E is launching a new, central online specialist trade mar-ketplace – Toolineo – for construction-trade products. It will open up a major new distribution channel for member companies and is set to go live in the second half of 2015.

Wuppertal – E/D/E is setting an important standard in industrial business-to-business trade with its new brand, Toolineo. The association is opening up an online channel for industrial B2B trade with its new platform – giving its partners the opportunity to participate in the dynamic market of online trading. This message was communicated by E/D/E earlier today at the E/D/E Tool Forum in Berlin. The project, which was formerly promoted as the ePVH online marketplace, has now moved out of the development stage.

“Toolineo will enable our members to operate successfully in the online business sector, where sales revenues are increasing, in addition to their bricks-and-mortar trade,” said Jochen Hiemeyer, the E/D/E director responsible for the core project.

With Toolineo, E/D/E is opening up an online sales channel for its B2B members – and thus also for its contracted suppliers – in addition to catalogues, field sales staff, bricks-and-mortar trade and decentralised webshop. From the very beginning, the focus will be on consistently interlinking Internet business with the strengths of the regional specialist retailers. “This will allow our member companies to differentiate themselves from traders who operate solely online, while also allowing them to extend their reach, tap into new customer groups and significantly boost their competitiveness,” said Hiemeyer. He continued: “The suppliers are able to present their brand in an appropriate setting where it is supported with qualified specialist advice. Our focus is on ensuring that customers are expertly served in each distribution channel – and on this basis can decide in which channel they will ultimately buy.”

Toolineo, a wholly-owned subsidiary of E/D/E, is to be launched in the second half of this year. It aims to be the specialist trade mar-ketplace for construction-trade products. Its business focus is reflected in its name which was created by brand name inventor Manfred Gotta. It was important to him that qualities such as sympathy and familiarity resonated – qualities that accurately represent the industrial B2B trade, with its long tradition, specially-tailored advice and personal connections that frequently spring up between dealers and customers. The name can also be used internationally.

“Toolineo represents a new avenue in tool sales that we are taking together with our dealers and contracted suppliers,” said Hendrik Sassmann, director of the E/D/E subsidiary that will operate the marketplace.

The final touches are being made to preparations for the technical and organisational integration of pilot dealers involved in the first phase of Toolineo. These dealers complement each other in many ways (ranges, products, services), resulting in an attractive offer for customers. As well as a broad and extensive selection of products, buyers have access to comprehensive specialist advice and additional industry-specific services, if required. Toolineo’s customer target groups are professional users and buyers from the construction trade, industry and municipalities, as well as private customers requiring professional product ranges.

“Right from the start, we will be able to offer a good cross section of goods from industrial B2B trade with a focus on tools that are available in the E/D/E electronic Logistics Centre in Wuppertal and which can be delivered throughout Germany thanks to tried-and-tested processes,” says Sassmann. In the second phase, the logistics of the dealers will be incorporated, more dealers will be included and the product ranges will be rapidly expanded. The online marketplace will then be introduced in selected E/D/E markets abroad.

This strategy, combined with reliability, performance and proximity to customers, means Toolineo is setting a new benchmark in the online purchasing of construction-trade products, making it unique in the industry.


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