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Good solutions with E/D/E IT services

Service and performance – two words which have major significance in the E/D/E. We are available for all eBusiness subjects (service) and offer the relevant solutions (performance).

In this respect, we are active as “eBusiness corporate consultants”. We take note of the requirement and analyse it, create concepts, provide consultation services, while simultaneously offering tailor-made systems solutions. The members are supported in the long-term by experienced consultants. These services have been valued by E/D/E member companies for years and are regularly taken advantage of.


  • Data management

    Master data and marketing data are an indispensable service of the E/D/E eBusiness. Master data and marketing data are managed centrally in a content management system. As part of the catalogue production, this information is regularly updated and prepared by editors. Using the E/D/E extranet, the up-to-date master data is then offered for download on a monthly basis. The marketing data can be downloaded in various formats (BMEcat / HTML / Excel / JPG).

    In order to give you the opportunity to create your own advertising material, such as brochures, print catalogues online cop walks, we offer the Reda-Tool as a support tool. You obtain access to the product and master data from catalogues used by you, and you can use this information as a basis for your own catalogue database, to supplement your own products, for example. With the familiar export tools, your own print brochures, BMEcat information for online shop systems or entire catalogues can then be produced.

    If you need support with data acquisition, data preparation or the revision of your master or marketing information, just speak to us. With our team made up of goods and IT specialists within the E/D/E, we will find the solution for your requirement.

  • Successful shop systems

    If you are asking yourself the following questions, then you are in exactly the right place with eBusiness:

    • How can I be successful in online trade/eCommerce?
    • How can I optimise my existing online trade?
    • What multi-channel strategy is right for me?
    • What system do I need for which customer?
    • Who can explain “eCommerce/eBusiness language” to me simply and comprehensively?

    We are happy to provide you with solutions and consultation.

  • Electronic accounting

    Would it not be great for a supplier (invoicing party) if he could send all invoices without slips to members (invoice recipient)? As a result, printing costs, postage and processing could all be immediately and noticeably reduced. Would it not be advantageous for an invoice recipient if all incoming invoices from suppliers (invoicing party) were available without slips, which could simplify manual checking of invoices as well as optimising archives for the tax office?

    This leads to a long-term elimination of manual filing systems, scanning procedures, invoice checks and invoice releases. The pre-tax allowance is, of course, still taken into account. We offer our partners a service which is a real step towards “the paperless office”.

  • Electronic Data exchange

    Intelligent systems and solutions ensure that orders, order confirmations, dispatch notifications, invoices as well as payment notifications can be exchanged electronically with partners. The advantages are clear: business information is exchanged quickly, securely and cost-effectively - and all this in a standardised way. As a result, exchanging business documentation via paper is a thing of the past at the E/D/E.

  • Inventory control system ELVISpro

    Increasing division of labour and the necessary specialisation for customer requirements demands flexible and innovative systems solutions. Because we know the requirements of the industry, the ELVISpro inventory management system was developed in close cooperation with our member companies. The objective: an industry solution for all. This is possible with ELVISpro based on Microsoft Navision Business Solution (NAV). Our principle here is “rent instead of buy”.

    Due to the countless orientations and core competencies of our member companies, we have developed an industry solution over the past few years that can be used on a rental basis. Through this concept, all members can rely on a standard system and remain in a position to update their systems. Due to the monthly rental charges, the costs stay calculable. Maintenance costs and customer service are also included, as is constant further development, all of which are guaranteed through the ELVISpro team. Despite this standard system, the individual corporate processes can be depicted using parameter management controls. All E/D/E interfaces are already included.

  • Making catalogs useable online

    The business unit eBusiness offers the catalog portal- an Internet platform comprising all PVH-catalogs produced by E/D/E and already the catalogs of many E/D/E contractual suppliers and is shown in the latest full-page version. Optimized for the iPad, the portal is as simple as it is revolutionary, with advantages both for E/D/E members and for the suppliers: with just a few clicks the members’ sales staff has access to all desired catalogs. Thousands of catalog pages, which hitherto had to be transported and perused or copied individually as a PDF on the hard drive, can be accessed conveniently this way and are always up-to-date.

    An important advantage of the catalog portal for the contractual suppliers is that the contents are not only available to E/D/E members, but suppliers also have access to their own suppliers’ catalog. They can upload their catalogs and prospectuses as PDF files to the portal free of charge. E/D/E members can retrieve all catalogs placed by the suppliers. The system provides the catalogs and automatically generates a page version- the perfect foil for printed catalogs. A key word search makes it possible to find specific articles quickly.
    Suppliers’ catalogs can be shown as individual pages or in the convenient scroll function. The portal is not only attractive because of the convenient, reliable availability of the catalogs, but also because it is continually up-to-date.

    Since September some 13,000 users can access the portal via an iPhone app. With the catalog portal app, E/D/E facilitates sales associates of members even more convenient access to the portal. The catalog portal runs very well on all regular Tablet PCs, but the app does it even better and brings many new functions.

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