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Boosting our most important asset

For many decades now, the family owned business of E/D/E assumes special responsibility for its employees. Because content and motivated employees guarantee our success. Those who continue to grow in- and outside their job, do not only aid themselves but also their company. This basic thought is very important today, in an ever more complex world marked by competition for the best employees.

The aim is to bind colleagues, to motivate and qualify them for mastering the various and ambitious tasks for E/D/E and its partners. Experienced specialists cooperate in well-performing teams within the individual business divisions. Employees are the most important asset of E/D/E. At the close of 2016, the companies of E/D/E group numbered 1103 employees in Germany and abroad, an increase of 18 compared to the close of 2015.

  • Reconciliation of job and family

    With the new day care-facility, which opened on October 22nd, 2014, E/D/E addresses important future topics. It helps reconcile family and job, it eases the recruitment of specialists who find a place for their offspring in the day care-facility. E/D/E as a family-friendly business increases its attractivity as an employer and sets an important accent in human rescources-developments which are geared towards the future.

    The new day care-facility offers space for a total of 45 children in three mixed-age groups. A third of the children being supervised are below the age of three years. About half the places are for children of E/D/E employees, the other half are children from Wuppertal.

    All in all, E/D/E invested 2.5 million Euros into construction of the day care-facility. On an area of 900 m² inside the building and with an 800 m² garden for playing outside, the offspring by now explores the new surroundings. Each of the three mixed age-groups has a group room with a size of 50 m².


  • Education and Training

    Helping and enabling young professionals is another important task which E/D/E perceives as part of its social responsibility. Because a well-trained staff will in future still be the key to corporate success. For this reason, the company trains young people in a targeted way for its own needs.

    Hundreds of applications for trainee- and apprenticeships as well was dual university training in the past business year show that E/D/E is also being perceived as an attractive employer for the younger generation. E/D/E also regularly offers university students and school pupils the possibility of gaining practical experience in the work world.

  • Success through further training

    In order to counter the commonly feared lack of professional specialists due to demographic change, the group has been responding for years now with targeted further training and qualification possibilities.
    For this purpose E/D/E created an integrated continuing and further education platform for the staff. The employees are promoted according to demand and qualification on a multi-level career path.  All qualification offers and seminars may also be found and reviewed by employees in a layouted brochure giving a nice overview. The brochure is reissued annually and comprises 100 seminars for professionals and executives.Personell development of course also takes heed to the requirements of the two shift-system in logistics regarding planning.

  • Into a healthy future

    E/D/E pursues an active health care management, in order to promote the fitness of its employees also in the future. Amongst these are health-related components within the E/D/E training programme, and healthy lower back-training at the work-place. Further more, E/D/E offers its employees free After-Work-classes for enhancing health and increasing their physical well-being – from quitting smoking to autogenic training, violence prevention, caring for relatives or safe driving-classes. Language classes and a class for “Work-Life-Balance“ also ensure mental fitness.

    There are also optional flu-shots and ophthalmological tests by a company physician. Further more, work stations are adjusted ergonomically by a specialist for occupational safety. Healthy food at the company cantina, partaking in running events across Wuppertal such as the „Schwebebahnlauf“ as well as the “Vitamin-initiative“, offering fresh fruit for logistics-workers during winter to prevent flu and the common cold, are rounding off the efforts.

  • Information and recognition

    With the aid of internal communication media, such as the employee gazette MAZ, E/D/E informs its crew about decisions regarding personell and strategy. Furthermore, MAZ increases the contendedness of employees and binds them emotionally to the company. Every employee also receives a copy of the annual financial statement as well as the biannual sustainability report, thus receiving a detailed insight into the economic and sustainable development of the company. Employees are being kept up to date via diverse communications media about strategic and personnel-decisions.

    That employees are the most important asset of the company is also evident in recognition of good work. Enthusiasm and and a good attitude in performance are rewarded: The highlight is always the annual closing festival for employees and former employees with prominent personalities from public life in special locations. Another advantage which E/D/E employees enjoy is a company pensioon, sponsored by the company (directly provided by E/D/E Versorgungswerk).

    Beyond this, the company promotes the innovation power of its own employees. With the concept idea! the employees are able to involve the employee in the process of corporate strengthening. idea!-idea management has been motivating them since 2005 to actively participate in the optimization of the work structures. E/D/E employees have the possibility of submitting improvement proposals and of financially profiting from this.


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