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Europe in Focus

As Europe’s largest purchasing association in the industrial B2B industry, we have been active in Europe for many years and achieve 1.24 billion Euros with about 600 local partners (members and cooperation partner) in 25 countries.

Understanding Markets:
Adapting concepts to the local market circumstances: With the knowledge that every market is different, we develop tailor-made growth concepts with our partners. We consider country-specific differentiations as the basis for success. You can see a list of our international cooperations here.

Proximity to the Market:
Our own E/D/E representatives in the most important markets guarantee proximity to the market and provide local support for our members and contract suppliers.

E/D/E GmbH
European business division

Telephone: +49 (0) 202  6096 6235
Fax: +49 (0) 202 60 96 583
Email: ede-international(at)ede.de

As of December 9th, 2011, EDE International AG located in Zurich took up business activities as a full E/D/E subsidiary (100 percent). The company takes over responsibility for all business operations outside Germany which were located inside E/D/E up to now.
EDE International AG

Hofwiesenstr. 3
8057 Zurich

Telephone: +41 44 3652800
Fax: +41 44 3653477
Email: ede-international(at)ede.de

  • Vision

    Internationalisation and concentration tendencies both by manufacturers and customers change the expectations in a purchasing and marketing association.

    Subjects such as:

    • Sales concepts
    • Trademarks
    • Logistical solutions
    • Electronic data management
    • E-Commerce

    are becoming more and more important. In this regard, we want to offer solutions that are adjusted to national market requirements. We want to be the essential link to our local and international contracted suppliers for our European members.

  • Cooperations and Joint Ventures

    Subsidiary DELCREDIT France S.A.S.

    The subsidiary DELCREDIT France S.A.S., headquartered in Paris, was founded on August 12th, 2012. Shareholders are the E/D/E with 74.9 percent as well as SOCODA group (25.1 Prozent). More information obtainable at: www.delcredit.fr

    Subsidiary DELCREDIT España S.A.

    DELCREDIT España S.A. is located in Madrid and was founded on September 14th, 2012. Shareholders are E/D/E (71 percent) and CECOFERSA (29 percent). More information obtainable at: www.delcredit.es

    EuroCraft S.a.r.l.

    EuroCraft S.a.r.l. was founded in 1995. It is a European marketing and purchasing group for the specialised trade in the ironware industry, consisting of five partners: E/D/E (Germany), Groupe SOCODA SA (France), B.V. Necomij (Netherlands), CECOFERSA S.A. (Spain and Portugal) and THS TOOLS LTD (Great Britain). For more information, see www.eurocraft.de

    CDU - Consorzio Distributori Utensili Srl.

    Since 1999, there has been a cooperation between the major Italian purchasing association CDU - Consorzio Distributori Utensili Srl. in the sector of industrial supplies (focus on tools and chipping) and the affiliated specialised traders in Italy. For more information, see www.cdu.net


    Since 2000, there has been a cooperation with the major Spanish purchasing association CECOFERSA S.A. in the field of tools for professional specialist traders in Spain. For more information, see www.cecofersa.com

    ASIDE - Agrupación de Suministros Industriales de España S.L.

    In 2013, EDE International started a cooperation with ASIDE, one of Spain's most successful purchasing association with 36 affiliated dealers. ASIDE 's dealers focus mainly on the supply of industrial products. For more information, see www.aside.es

    Ferney Group BV

    Since 2001, there has been a cooperation with the major Dutch association Ferney Group in the sector of structural fittings, tools and ironware for professional traders in the Netherlands and Belgium. For more information, see www.ferney.nl


    Since 2001, there has been a cooperation with the traditional Swiss trading cooperation ZEEV in the field of tools, industrial safety, fixing systems, garden technology and many other product sectors.

    Subsidiary ZEDEV AG

    In 2010, ZEEV AG and E/D/E founded ZEDEV AG together – the new force in Swiss specialised trade. ZEDEV AG is a complete service organisation with central purchasing department, trademarks, marketing and data management for the Swiss market. For more information about ZEDEV, see www.zedev.ch.

    e+h Services AG

    An important milestone of the year 2015 was the strategic investment in the Swiss purchasing association e + h Services AG. The e + h Services AG is the leading Swiss distributor of branded products for households, gifts, tools, garden furniture and garden technology. Further information: www.eh-services.ch.

    EBH AG

    Foundation of EURO Baubeschlag-Handel AG, EBH, at the end of 2001 with members throughout the whole of Europe. For more information, see www.ebh-ag.de


    Foundation of GEWEMA AG in the field of stationary woodworking at the end of 2002 with members in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Italy and the Netherlands.
    For more information, see www.gewema.de

    VGH International GmbH

    Since 2004, there has been a cooperation with the VGH (association for wholesalers of HVACR systems) with mutual members in Germany, the Benelux States, Denmark, Poland and Romania.
    For more information, see www.vgh-online.de

    Meno Group

    Since 2006, there has been a cooperation with the major Belgian purchasing association Meno Group in Nivelles in the fields of tools, fixing systems, industrial safety and electronic tools for professional specialist retailers in Belgium.
    For more information, see www.meno.be



  • International Structure

    Our approx. 600 European partners are supported and looked after centrally by qualified specialists in eight different languages.

    Our European members come from 24 countries and our countless cooperations include over 368 affiliated traders.

    Countries with local E/D/E activities:

  • Services

    We offer the following services on an international level:

    • Sales concepts
    • Range management
    • Trademarks
    • Central regulation
    • European logistics
    • Marketing support including catalogues in seven languages
    • E-Business
    • Data management
  • Outlook

    EDE International plans continuous growth for the next few years. This results from the organisational growth of current members, the recruitment of new member companies and cooperations as well as the extension of central regulation business in Europe. The international turnover is meant to increase step by step until the middle of this decade up to a share of 25 percent within the E/D/E group.

    The objectives of the entire E/D/E group remain firmly in focus within the scope of the corporate strategy CHALLENGE 2020. The wholly-owned subsidiary of E/D/E makes a decisive contribution to this. If all measures of the corporate strategy are completed successfully, a trading volume of ten billion euros will be achieved in 2020 together with the members and contract suppliers. The European activities outside of Germany shall contribute 2.2 billion euros to this.



  • Contact

    Annegret Franzen
    Management EDE International


    Hofwiesenstraße 3
    8051 Zürich




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