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Strengthened in the future

The E/D/E foundation was founded in 2002 as a nonprofitmaking independent foundation by Dr. Eugen Trautwein, the long-term chairperson of the E/D/E executive board and  chairperson of the advisory council up to January 2014. The central task of the foundation is to promote training.

The profits of the E/D/E foundation are generated by the foundation itself; however, it is also grateful for donations by third parties. Donations are also conceivable and welcome in view of the future and any possible generation changes.

The activities of the foundation are managed by an executive board and a board of trustees, whose members work on a voluntary basis. The E/D/E foundation is a member of the Association of German Foundations.

The E/D/E foundation is mainly committed to working in the following areas:

  • Extra-occupational further training in industrial B2B in cooperation with the ZHH Trainingswerk.
  • Support of pedagogic and cultural projects as well as social facilities in the region of Wuppertal.

The E/D/E foundation is based on the personal commitment of Dr. Eugen Trautwein. As the successor of E/D/E founder, Ferdinand Trautwein, and the former chairperson of the E/D/E executive board, his function is largely linked with the industry and the region of Wuppertal.

It is his desire to support young people in their acquirement of key qualifications. For this reason, the E/D/E Foundation offers young employees in industrial B2B scholarships for special training courses, which support personal development as well as technical training. Through these further educational measures, the future viability of medium-sized industrial B2B companies should also be supported.

We thank Mr. Ralf Putsch, managing partner of C. Gustav Putsch KNIPEX Werke in Wuppertal Cronenberg, for an extraordinarily huge donation. It has the purpose to further vocational training and further training on the job in specialised, mid-sized trading business. KNIPEX again supports the industry, after E/D/E foundation already received a mentionable donation in 2005.
The aim of creating future in the region of Wuppertal through training is also followed by the “Junior Uni” with great commitment. Long-term support by the E/D/E foundation is certain for this project, as a result.
Dr. Eugen Trautwein is also a member of the Schumpeter School Foundation, which devotes itself to the furthering of teaching, research and knowledge transfer in the context of the economic sciences at the University of Wuppertal.

You can find more information on the website of the E/D/E Foundation:


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