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Complete Service Provider for Suppliers

The E/D/E is at the disposal of its contracted suppliers as a full-service-company. In this partnership, suppliers may use various possibilities, in order to impact markets together with the E/D/E and to boost sales-potentials.
Further more, both sides work in close communication on optimum marketing-concepts. Also, innovations can be brought into business faster via the E/D/E network. Apart from central-regulation for members, E/D/E also assumes delcredere-liability towards suppliers.

  • Marketing partners

    Within the E/D/E, contracted suppliers can find a central contact point in the various specialist divisions. This organisational structure makes countless work processes easier, thus saving resources. In sales concepts, expert groups and competence groups, sales partners also meet in similar-minded trading groups to develop and successfully implement mutual market strategies. Through this central marketing, suppliers save the laborious acquisition of many individual traders. When expanding the markets, Europe plays an important role. More than 600 sales partners and cooperations in 27 countries are supported and looked after centrally by qualified specialists.

  • Central processing and regulation

    E/D/E offers its contract suppliers financial planning security by assuming del credere liability and through efficiency advantages in sales for around 1,300 medium-sized trading companies that are members of E/D/E. Collective invoices in conjunction with online processing of booking procedures ensure error-free and fast payment processes between contract suppliers and members. Centralised settlement at E/D/E works on a modern SAP basis and is certified in accordance with the latest version of DIN EN ISO 9001.


  • Communication partners

    With its contracted suppliers, the E/D/E also enters into an intensive communication partnership with the collective processing of the markets. In this way, the E/D/E brings together the fundamental corporate decision-makers from the trade and delivery side at industry meetings, forums and marketplaces. Depending on the event, this includes managing directors, purchasing and sales managers and both internal and field staff. Whatever the event – the E/D/E brings suppliers and traders together, thus facilitating intensive exchange along the value added chain.

  • Central warehouse and logistics

    Through central warehousing and professional logistics in the E/D/E, considerable savings can be achieved for contracted suppliers. By integrating contracted suppliers into the central logistics processes, they become an integral component of the versatile ranges with their products. The involvement in the central warehouse and logistics of E/D/E also has a positive effect on the production process of the contracted suppliers. Through less, but larger, orders, products can be produced in larger quantities. The E/D/E undertakes the distribution to its numerous customers more efficiently with the effect of quantity.

  • Catalogues and brochures

    Contracted suppliers within the E/D/E gain access to the ranges of the trading companies through catalogues and brochures. As a result, they can attractively present their products to end consumers. In total, the E/D/E can refer to 450,000 products in text and image, 650,000 pieces of merchandise management data and a total circulation of 2.4 million catalogue copies on 48,000 catalogue pages. There is no comparable marketing platform anywhere in the industrial B2B industry.

  • Contact

    Dr. Christoph Grote

    Managing Director Products & Sales


    EDE Platz 1

    42389 Wuppertal

    Telephone:+49 202 6096-0
    Fax:+49 202 6096-670

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