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E/D/E construction equipment

The core functions of the sector of construction equipment are purchasing, product management and distribution.

As specialists, the employees are the contacts for members and suppliers. Through permanent dialogue on all levels, we always have the relevant information about the current ranges. This exchange of information is ensured by intense cooperation of competence groups and boards, but also by a well functioning network of suppliers.

We are responsible for the sectors of:


  • Building site equipment, clearance- and warning-devices, formwork
  • Measuring equipment
  • Construction equipment, mechanical carpentry and accessories
  • Hand tools
  • Elevators, lifting equipment, transport equipment
  • Machines and devices for civil engineering
  • Electro-, pneumatic- and sandblasting-Tools
  • Workshop equipment
  • Landscaping
  • Industrial safety


Trading volume (in million Euros): 


  • 2019: 174
  • 2020: 181


The light equipment segment again exceeded its ambitious trading volume target in 2020. At 181 million euros, revenue exceeded the previous year's good result by 4.23 percent. Despite the continuing good economic situation in the construction environment, the entire industry is facing challenges such as digitalisation, logistics networking and purchasing optimisation in the context of increasing price transparency. The bundling of purchasing potential was the focus of the founding of MAB Mittelstands-Allianz Baugeräte GmbH, a joint venture between E/D/E and EVB BauPunkt. Suppliers:

Within the framework of professional supplier management, we have concluded agreements with over 300 suppliers. Our long-standing and lived partnerships underline the active cooperation with all important suppliers in the industry.



In the context of a professional supplier management we have met agreements with more than 300 suppliers. Our longstanding and vivid partnerships underline the active cooperation with all important suppliers in the industry.


  • Warehousing business

    About 1500 products are available to E/D/E members from the Wuppertal central warehouse. These are the most well-established and logical products from the good sectors of structural engineering, civil engineering and the gardening and landscape trade. In addition, the adjoining ranges, such as hand tools, industrial safety, fastening systems, chemical and technical products, workshop parts and operating equipment are available to traders from the central warehouse in Wuppertal.


  • Catalogues

    The Construction Equipment expert group catalogue with its current circulation of 60,000 copies and about 8000 products from 100 contract suppliers has developed into the industry catalogue and is an important service for affiliated traders. With 8 alternate versions, about 800 catalogue pages when using alternate versions, every trader can display their own distribution channels. It goes without saying that expert group members can tailor the catalogues precisely to their establishment through individual cover pages and chapter title pages.

  • Trademark

    The FORMAT trade brand is successfully used in the Construction Equipment sector. FORMAT is available exclusively to the Construction Equipment expert group and is very specialised in terms of the depth and breadth of the range. With FORMAT construction equipment, we offer a trade brand range with which E/D/E members are able to differentiate themselves clearly from the competition. A 24-hour delivery service and attractive prices for industrial B2B are guaranteed.


  • MIETEplus

    The cooperation MIETEplus consists of specialised construction equipment and machinery-leasing companies with a strong focus on the following activities:

    • Comprehensive marketing and sales-concept
    • Purchasing advantages
    • Cooperative website: www.mieteplus.de
    • Trade fair activities and assistance with in-house exhibitions
    • Equipment swapping and sub-letting
    • Marketing of used equipment
    • Training / further qualification
    • Communicative exchanges
    • Sales- and POS-material

    The group concerns itself with the following product groups:

    • Heating equipment
    • Trailers
    • Container
    • Compression technology
    • Electric power tools
    • Site fences
    • Compressors
    • Compact machinery
  • Construction equipment expert group

    An intense cooperation with selected suppliers in purchasing and sales, collaborative marketing acitivities as well as a profitable trade brand secure a strong market position for our competence group members in their regional markets. The competence group construction equipment with its 32 members at more than 150 sites is one of the strongest communities in the industry in Germany. You can find further information at: www.format-baugeraete.de and www.fachkreis-baugeraete.de


  • BGK Construction Equipment Group

    The BGK Construction Equipment Group is a strong performing community of medium-scale construction equipment retailers with subsidiaries throughout Germany. It offers its dealers a broad range of services.

    The points of focus are:

    • Trademark
    • Marketing, Sales promotion
    • Strategic procurement marketing
    • Technical groups and product mix work
    • Exchange of information

    For more information go to  www.bgk-profil.de.

  • The construction equipment professionals

    The new sales- and marketing-concept „Die Baugeräte-Profis“ (“The construction equipment professionals”) was launched in January 2015 and offers the 13 partaking members from the specialist group construction equipment diverse benefits in their market.
    The goal is to create new sales-impulses under the roof of a new, strong brand, which are accompanied by professional marketing activities. Bundling effects are also meant to secure advantages in purchasing. This includes for instance Profi Sale-events with attractive flyers for sales promotion. Additionally, there are classic promo-items in a new and unified look: from the lighter via ball point pens ranging to carpenter’s pens and measuring devices. More promotion items will follow successively.
    The unified appearance of the group is linked to a high measure of liability. The use for distributors is clear – better work on and in markets, leaner processes, increased group dynamics and increased perception from customers and suppliers.
    This approach works in close coordination with the special suppliers of the “Baugeräte-Profis”, who work especially close with the group.

    You can obtain further information here:www.die-baugeraete-profis.de

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