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E/D/E power tools

The core functions of the specialist area Power tools are purchasing, product management and distribution.

As specialists, the employees are the contacts for members and suppliers. Through permanent dialogue on all levels, we always have the relevant information about the current ranges. This exchange of information is ensured by intense cooperation of specialist groups and boards, but also by a well functioning network of suppliers.

The specialist area Power tools deals with the following product ranges:

Manual power-tools incl. accessories

Mobile and stationary compressors

Pneumatic Tools

Semi-stationary machines for wood- and metal-working

Intelligent metering Equipment

Gardening equipment

Trading volume-development (in million Euros):


  • 2019  508
  • 2020  544 


The overall trading volume in 2019 of the specialist area Power tools totalled at 508 million Euros.

The team Power Tools/Pneumatics offers tailor-made catalog-systems for our members in sales concepts PREMIUM and UNION in Germany, with FORMAT Plus in Poland and Austria.

EDE international is being supported by us in all measures regarding power tools and pneumatics. Focal Points of the measures in 2015 were France, Spain, Poland and Austria.

All members in Europe use the comprehensive warehouse Programme with more than 1500 articles from the areas of accessories, gardening technology, measuring, cleaning tools and power tools.

In Dolsk, Poland, the first foreign market place of E/D/E took place in 2014. All members in Poland as well as 25 main suppliers from the areas of power tools, pneumatics, hand tools, precision tools and factory equipment. At the same time, the first specialized power tool catalogue for Poland was released, numbering 100 pages.




  • Contractual suppliers

    Within the context of a professional supplier-management we have signed agreements with more than 140 suppliers. Our long-lived and active partnerships underline the vivid cooperation with all important suppliers from the industry.

  • Performance group

    An intense cooperation with chosen manufacturers in acquisition and distribution as well as sophisticated marketing activities secure a strong position in their respective regional markets for our performance groups.
    The performance groups power and pneumatic tools are the strongest community in this industry-sector in Germany, with a share of more than 60 percent in the relevant market.



  • Catalogues

    Our members make ample use of the catalogues for power and pneumatic tools, tailored to the needs of their target groups. In this context, we provide differentiated catalogues for specialised market impact for specialised dealers from distribution groups PREMIUM and UNION, that live up the highest standards. With a shelf-life of about one year for our catalogues we accordingly pay our dues to the fast innovation-cycles within in the industry.

    Further more, we provide catalogues tailored to target groups for our other specialised groups.

    All in all, the number of our catalogues in the area of power and pneumatic tools reaches about 200,000 copies.
    Target group-oriented catalogues in the area of power and pneumatic tools are today being used in Austria, Germany and Poland.

  • Contact

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    Division Manager

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