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The company

We are the Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler (E/D/E), the European service and system provider for the production connection trade (PVH). The approximately 1,200 affiliated members of E/D/E are for the most part specialist wholesalers who mainly supply commercial customers from the trades, industry and local authorities. They trade mainly in tools and machinery, industrial supplies, fittings and construction elements, products for occupational safety and technical trade, building services and steel. 

Founded in 1931, the Wuppertal-based family business is active in 30 European countries and firmly rooted in its home market of Germany. The company motto "Successfully hand in hand" is a fixed value for E/D/E, in its cooperation with member companies and by assuming social responsibility in society. Based on this strength, E/D/E has its strategic goals, once formulated as visions, firmly in view. With a trading volume of 9.3 billion euros, E/D/E delivered a stable trading volume in 2023 compared to the previous year. Above all, the development of the 952 member companies of the production liaison trade and the 190 retailers is also decisive. Their success has its origins in trade with tools, machinery and factory equipment, building hardware and building elements, sanitary and heating, steel and fastening technology, welding, safety and industrial technology as well as occupational safety products. These sectors represent the link between traditional values and a future-orientated focus. This is also what the E/D/E Group stands for with its 1,200 (as at 30 April 2024) employees. Activities in Europe are moving further into focus. E/D/E is already represented in 30 European countries. With the completion and commissioning of the new, modern logistics centre, E/D/E has set an important course for a successful joint future for its affiliated member companies.

Corporate motto


  • We want to be the indispensable link to our contract suppliers for our members.
  • We ensure our successful future through the intelligent linking of ranges, logistics and services with strong market concepts.
  • We support our members through our absolute commitment. We expect active collaboration and a clear commitment to cooperation from them.
  • We demand the optimal quality from our contract suppliers, with a noticeable commitment to our objectives. We support them through active and reliable partnership.
  • We are a strong team. Whatever we do, we always want to be quicker, better and more economical.
  • We are friendly and competent, open and fair. Because we are perceived according to the way we act.
  • We perceive our social responsibility immediately and through the nonprofitmaking E/D/E foundation.




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    Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler


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    42389 Wuppertal

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