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E/D/E materials management and industrial service

The E/D/E range of services in this sector stretches from concepts for optimal demand analysis to suitable supply and efficient invoicing.

The heart of the Materials Management and Industrial Service sector at the E/D/E is the optimised provision of industrial companies with MRO ranges. This includes “C-parts”. These are materials with a low value percentage and high quantities. The E/D/E industrial service sector also offers systems and services. They are developed on the basis of the relevant industrial demands and have been successfully implemented many times in various industries. On request, the E/D/E will undertake the project management for modern MRO provision with individual modules, tailored to the requirements of the relevant industrial customer.

E/D/E characteristics:

1. Process analysis / recording of the current status

In a workshop, existing processes within the company are recorded with all relevant employees.

2. Monitoring of key figures in the industrial enterprise

The objective is to create transparency over processes, creditors, buyer behaviour, inventory and supply situations.

3. Supply concept

The supply concept serves to optimise materials management and cover customer requirements. This concept can be designed in various ways:

  • Full supply of industrial customers by one supplier
  • Supplement through partnerships (regional specialist alliances) with specialist dealers, for example for tools and machinery, industrial safety, technical trade, operating equipment, workshop parts, fastening systems, packaging and electrical material.

4. System recommendation

The right system to optimise processes is recommended during the integral warehouse and purchasing optimisation procedure. For example, this can be an electronic procurement system or an automated materials output system. In the same way, outsourcing of warehouses or material stores can ensure optimal structure for MRO provision.

5. Project management

The implementation measures for results-oriented savings are projected and monitored through a project controlling system. Information about the current status is provided at any time as a result of this measure.


The range of services provided by the E/D/E industrial service department makes it possible for member companies to provide professional and modern C-part management for industrial customers.

The following systems are available:


    Supply system for DIN and standard parts

    If continual requirement is needed, the procedure from determination of requirements to consumption at the production site can be streamlined through the Kanban system and the stock levels can be reduced.

    Supply strategies and regional trader cooperations

    Modern purchasing strategies are designed to reduce suppliers in order to cover the entire C-part spectrum with just a few or even one supplier. Extensive materials management for the industry often includes product competency in unfamiliar ranges of products, such as electrical installation or office supplies. The E/D/E industrial service department helps with the foundation of a regional trader cooperation, which impresses industrial customers with its shared strengths. The support also includes consultation for customer appointments, the system implementation and project management. Furthermore, the development of a marketing concept by E/D/E specialists is also possible.


    The electronic materials output system

    Materials output systems have been especially developed for consumer product provision for industrial companies. The consumables required for production can be stored for regular consumption. The employee logs into the system with a card and selects the necessary item. An order number or cost centre can be stated. When a predefined reorder level is reached, an inventory list is reported to the relevant supplier. With help from the inventory list, additional deliveries can be organised.

    Relieving of pressure for materials output

    Saving of process costs for materials management:

    • No need for internal ordering expense / exact automatic inventory management
    • More flexible material output times
    • Shortening of internal channels
    • Secure removal 24 hours a day
    • Reduction of capital lockup
    • Automated material replenishment
    • Reduction of goods-in costs

    And differentiated statistical evaluations about:

    • Products
    • Cost centres
    • People

    There are different systems for each requirement. As well as spiral cabinets and drawer cabinets, the model variants also include automatic work cycle machines and vertical cabinets.

    One variation of electronic materials output is the warehouse management software, Magver. This is software designed to manage C-part warehouses, which ensures product management independent to the inventory management. The cost-intensive master data maintenance in the ERP system for low-value products becomes inapplicable without any losses of important warehouse functions.


    E-PROC. III software is an electronic procurement solution for electronic procurement optimisation of C-parts in industry. As a “stand alone” system, it depicts procurement procedures (ordering, order confirmation, dispatch notification, incoming goods transaction, invoice). It is possible to connect to an existing ERP system, but this is not mandatory. The basic prerequisite for E-PROC. III is a PC with internet access. E-PROC. III offers extensive options for documentation; orientation and other support occurs through the E/D/E industrial service department. The products and functions are set up in the system individually for the customer, in order to use all the advantages in industrial procurement.

    Important functions for process-optimised procurement:

    • Individual catalogues/prices
    • Budgeting by person and/or period of time
    • Authorisation procedure
    • Cost centre management
    • In-house administration
    • Favourites lists
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