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E/D/E structural and furniture fixtures

The fastening technology department deals with fastening elements such as screws, nuts, washers, threaded rods, etc. from the area of DIN and standard parts. Non-standard products include chipboard screws, drywall screws and construction screws within the scope of the stock programme. Dowel technology from various manufacturers, drawing parts from the screw world as well as the areas of chains, ropes and wire trade products complete the portfolio.

Other assortments include wood connectors from well-known manufacturers, wire nails/steel nails, post connectors, wire bending articles and a C-parts storage rack system as well as an extensive range of assembly cases. Six competent employees take care of members' concerns and questions. The fastening technology division generated a trade volume of 171 million euros in the 2020 financial year.  Among other things, the division also imports goods in complete containers on the respective markets in the Far East, but also on the Eastern European market. In this environment, the division also offers its members the direct purchase or handling of complete containers (approx. 20 tonnes). Regular use is made of this service. The section offers a C-parts storage rack system called PROC, which can be easily assembled from various modules.

This system is very easy to use and can be put together specifically to meet the needs of the customer. PROC is particularly variable and is optimally suited for a "shop-in-shop" solution. Whether fastening technology or chemical-technical products, everything finds its place and is stored clearly and easily removable. Under the trade mark E-NORMpro, the department offers the fasteners in high-quality packaging. Packaged in uniform sizes, the products are stored in a practical and visually appealing way on every shelf and in every shop. For use on the construction site, the fasteners are sturdily packaged and protected from the weather.




  • BESCHLAG TV / "Fixtures TV"

    BESCHLAG TV / "Fixtures TV" is a web-based sales-, marketing- and qualification-tool, which we produce in cooperation with renowned manufacturers from the industry.
    BESCHLAG TV gives our members an edge in competence and helps our contract suppliers, to get innovations into their markets fast. Various movies are being produced for various target groups.
    One format adresses sales-clercs, who in this way learn about innovations and their most important product features in a direct way, enabling them to sell accordingly.
    The second format adresses our members' clients, meaning craftsmen and applicators of products and features a greater depth content-wise. Here, experts from the manufacturers provide special hints for handling, special knacks or hints for troubleshooting.

  • EBH AG cooperation

    The EBH is a union of about 100 specialist traders throughout the whole of Europe, which is based in Wuppertal. The objective of the association is to consolidate knowledge and services without impacting on the regional orientation of an individual company. The traders benefit directly from the synergies achieved. The close cooperation with leading brand manufacturers, the best branded products, extensive ranges with great depth of range, optimised warehousing with a high readiness to deliver and knowledge transfer into a network of specialists within the EBH are just some of the advantages.


  • Industry meeting

    For the last ten years now, the E/D/E industry meeting has turned the usual trade fair events on their heads with great success. Because the only issue here is communication. The unusual thing here is that the suppliers are not exhibitors. Instead, the members invite you to go and discuss matters with them.

    With its concept, the industry meeting stands for minimum input with maximum benefits at the same time. Through the optimal date and time planning, contact with all important dialogue partners is possible over two days.

    The E/D/E industry meeting takes place every year for the Structural and Furniture Fixtures sector, alternating between Leipzig (complete industry meeting) and Nuremburg (special industry meeting) and is very popular among members and suppliers.

  • Trademarks

    Trade brands are also marketed via our cooperation with EBH. In the Structural and Furniture Fixtures sectors, this is the FORMAT trade brand.

  • Fittings range kept in stock

    There are 3500 products from the sectors of door and furniture fixtures. Furthermore, the range also includes window fixtures and small ironware products. All products are available ex works.

    Especially worth mentioning are complete assortments which we offer our member companies. Amongst them assortments from the following renowned suppliers: FSB, KFV, Dorma, Hoppe, Satec, AMF, Woelm and others.Within the context of E/D/E's logistics services, all items are shipped directly and in neutral packaging to our members' customers in Germany within 24 hours after the order was placed - even if only one item was ordered. An excellent service to the advantage of our members.

    All warehouse sortiments have been incorporated into the annual warehouse list. Apart from this there is the possibility to obtain sortiment catalogues as well as catalogues for specific target groups.
    The performance package of our warehouse range is the basis of trust and security in sales. The range of services for your customers is supported by fast availability of products.

  • Central regulation

    All important European suppliers in the aforementioned goods sectors are listed as contract suppliers. The market proportion which is the basis for successful work is just as large.

  • eDC Datamanagement for Fixtures

    Our ambitious project eDC (electronic data-center) reaches an important milestone with the market launch for the fixtures division. From the end of 2014 onwards, E/D/E members benefit from article master data in hitherto unknown quality.
    More than 500,000 refined sets of data from around 130 suppliers will be available in the new industry standard eDC Cl@ss - and this alone in the fixtures range! All relevant specifications of a product are identified and assigned their corresponding values. Each individual article is thus endowed with a lot of clearly structured information.


  • Contact

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