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Cooperations support high-performance partners

In the past few years, the demands of traders on their cooperation headquarters have grown continually. Members of a cooperation expect perfect support from their headquarters both in terms of core functions such as central regulations and logistics, and essential services such as marketing, sales and data management.

Against this background, a multitude of renowned cooperations and associations have sought out collaboration with the E/D/E as a high-performance partner with the motto “Cooperation of the Cooperations”.

Three fundamental features are representative for these successful cooperations with the E/D/E:

  • Core elements of the cooperation are the establishment and further development of the market positions of all members
  • Each cooperation concept or cooperation model is aligned with the individual requirements of the relevant group
  • The independence of all cooperation partners and headquarters remains unaffected by the collaboration and continues to be unrestricted

The fundamental cooperation objectives are:

  • To offer existing services to members more cost-effectively through the cooperation
  • To expand existing services and offer additional performance modules
  • To further establish the core functions of the cooperations
  • Cooperation with identical product divisions

    With the transfer of defined functions and tasks to the E/D/E, competitive and cost-optimised services could be offered. The result is an increase in performance and efficiency of the individual organisations and cooperation partners.

  • Model of international partnerships

    With a multitude of legally independent cooperations in neighbouring European countries, the E/D/E has successfully established benefit-oriented partnerships. The optimal utilisation of existing synergies is always the basis of the cooperations.

  • Foundation of mutual companies

    On the basis of mergers of independent cooperation groups and E/D/E business divisions, new cooperation companies have developed in the past. The aim is to consolidate fundamental industry-specific services through the mutual companies and create optimal competitive ability.

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