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EVOLUTION is a comprehensive strategy and organisational development process that involves all areas of the entire E/D/E Group.

  • What is the aim of EVOLUTION?

    • The existing business activities are challenged to be oriented towards the future
    • in doing so, the opinions ans expectations of members, suppliers, partners and employees are consistently obtained
    • It is about understanding and fullfilling the needs and expectations of our stakeholders
  • Why is EVOLUTION needed?

    The market is changing:

    • Our members are specializing more and more, so that they need individual service packages and support: Thus, a new way of thinking and new service offerings are required
    • The entire market structure becomes more undefined, resulting in new competition
    • The importance of online trading is increasing at a dramatic speed for both our products and partners, and our members are expecting appropriate online solutions from us

    EVOLUTION is out answer:

    We combine and use all available knowledge to ensure the future perfomance of our affiliated group.

  • What are we doing?

    Using and linking the entire available knowledge

    • Member and supplier surveys (ISA)
    • Incorporating employees in important steps and decisions

    Upgrading the E/D/E Group business model and keeping it future-orientated.

    Providing service packages that the market needs.

    Developing the personal and professional skills of our employees and managers so that they are capable of providing high quality.

    Aligning the way we organise ourselves and how we work to meet the new requirements: We are becoming cleverer and therefore working more efficiently.

    Filling our "hand in hand" motto with new life.

  • What are the core messages of EVOLUTION?

    EVOLUTION means listening to what our members, suppliers, partners and employees expect.

    EVOLUTION means understanding where our journey has to go.

    EVOLUTION means acting to align the E/D/E Group with the needs of our partners and employees. 

    EVOLUTION means cooperating within the E/D/E Group and with our partners.

    EVOLUTION means creating the future - together!

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