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Fastening Systems

The Fastening Systems sector deals with fastening elements such as screws, nuts, discs threaded rods etc. from the range of DIN and standard parts. Unnormed parts in stock include chipboard screws, drywall screws and construction screws, designed components from the world of screws, dowelling technology from various suppliers as well as the areas of linkages and wires and wire trading products complete the portfolio. 

Other assortments include wood connectors from well-known manufacturers, wire nails/steel nails, post connectors, wire bending articles and a C-parts storage rack system as well as an extensive range of assembly cases. Six competent employees take care of members' concerns and questions. The fastening technology division generated a trade volume of 171 million euros in the 2020 financial year.  Among other things, the division also imports goods in complete containers on the respective markets in the Far East, but also on the Eastern European market. In this environment, the division also offers its members the direct purchase or handling of complete containers (approx. 20 tonnes). Regular use is made of this service. The department offers a C-parts storage shelving system, called PROC, which can be individually assembled from different modules. This system is very easy to use and can be put together specifically to meet the customer's needs. PROC is particularly variable and is ideally suited for a "shop-in-shop" solution. Whether fastening technology or chemical-technical products, everything finds its place and is stored clearly and easily removable. Under the trade mark E-NORMpro, the department offers the fasteners in high-quality packaging. Packaged in uniform sizes, the products are stored in a practical and visually appealing way on every shelf and in every shop. For use on the construction site, the fasteners are sturdily packaged and protected from the weather.


  • Expert group + specialist competence

    The members of our expert group are a high-performance group of mid-sized specialized retailers and view themselves as competent partners for customers from the crafts, the industry and municipalities / public companies.
    At the moment, the expert group has 55 members.

    The expert group has the aim to procure for its members advantages oriented according to their individual needs concerning acquisition, logistics, organisation and marketing in the area of fastening systems. In this way, turnover and yield are increased and good market positions are fortified in the long run.
    In order to orient concepts at needs of clients of our members, two competence groups develop the instruments in question for marketing, sales and strategies.
    The focus is always on the development of sales concepts which are geared towards the respective target groups and crafts. At the moment, the following competence groups exist:

    • Wood-working sector (internal construction, wood construction and neighbouring areas)
    • Metal-working sector as well as industrial consumers (including C-parts management)
  • Expert group catalogue

    Together with our partners from the expert group of fixing systems, a special catalogue of screws is compiled every four or  five years. The last edition from 2012 included about 72,000 items, printed on over 900 pages. This catalogue has become a reference-point in the industry with regard to the comperehensiveness of contained items and the sophisticated display of technical data.

  • Industrial B2B module

    Based on this catalogue, an edition is also compiled each year for end consumers (industrial B2B module catalogue), to which a multitude of members refer back time and again. This “module” of fastening systems can be coupled with modules from other sectors, so that an outstanding target group catalogue can be compiled in accordance with the wishes of the members.

  • Stock list

    As with all goods sectors, the Fastening Systems sector compiles a stock list every year, in which the assortment is shown with pictures and detailed information. The publication comprises more than 500 pages and is updated to include the latest information every year. Every year, the range is expanded to include innovative products from the construction trade. Furthermore, the expanded "warehouse assortment" is available as a list to be downloaded in the E/D/E Extranet.

  • Warehousing business

    In addition to the stock list assortment consisting of approx. 8,000 articles, an "extended stock assortment" is offered, which combined with over 89,000 articles represents a full assortment of fastening technology.

    In addition to the above-mentioned own brands, branded products from the various sectors are also offered, especially from the dowel, wood connector and chipboard screw sectors.

    The warehouse business resulted in a turnover of almost seven million euros in 2016.


  • Trademarks

    The following trade brands started out in the sector of "Fastening systems":

    • E-NORMpro      Connecting elements
    • PROC                C-parts warehouse shelving system
  • Qualification / Training


    In order to strengthen members in the fastenings systems division and in order to create the professional prerequisites for obtaining market shares from direct retailers, the PROFITAGE Befestigungstechnik were held in 2014 for the first time.
    On two days consultants, experts, sales professionals and other specialists congregated in all in all 23 seminars. Target groups were the internal sales and field service units of our members from the fastening systems-expert group. This event will from now on take place every two years. The next PROFITAGE will take place on November 23rd/24th 2016.


    In the summer of 2015 the new training programme EXPERTENTAGE Fastening Systems started. Target groups were craft customers from the sectors of wood- and metal-construction from the relevant ranges of our members’ clients. Seminars are taking place at the sites of our expert group members. Contents of seminars are geared towards specific subsections of the target group.

    Speakers again are specialists from industry and trade, as well as consultants, experts and representatives of trade associations. Planning of seminars, selection of topics as well as choice of speakers are centrally organized by E/D/E.

  • Contact

    Michael Hatke

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