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E/D/E welding technology

The core functions of the Woodworking Tools/Machinery business unit relate to services in purchasing, product management and sales.

The employees use their many years of experience to offer the affiliated member companies competent advice, reliable service and first-class products. The department acts as a link between trade and industry. Supply and payment agreements exist with numerous leading manufacturers in the industry. E/D/E member companies are supplied daily with a wide range of products - from professional tools to capital goods - by more than 200 contracted suppliers. The department has been working successfully with around 40 other suppliers in the warehousing business for many years. Through E/D/E's modern electronic logistics center, members have the opportunity to purchase a comprehensive core range of machine tools, hand tools, auxiliary materials and consumables. Another service that E/D/E customers enjoy is delivery within 24 hours.



Trading volume-development (in million Euro):

2019  143

2020  143


  • The brand FORMAT

    In the division of welding technology, the brand FORMAT is deployed successfully. FORMAT is exclusively at the disposal of the expert group welding technology / Die Schweiß-Profis (the welding professionals) and is heavily specialised regarding the assortments breadth and depth. With FORMAT welding technology, we offer a brand-assortment helping E/D/E members to differentiate themselves clearly from their competitors. A 24 hour-delivery service and attractive pricing for the industrial B2B-trade are ensured. Apart from the machines range, which is available since 2013, all articles from the FORMAT oxy fuel-technology area are now available from the central warehouse. Further more, the FORMAT range was expanded with the range of MIG/MAG - WIG torches as well as corresponding spare-parts as well as wear-parts.  This expansion comprises about 170 items, which are also available via the E/D/E central warehouse. This new and attractive assortment is being deployed simultaneously by almost all 41 expert group members with corresponding marketing Support.


  • Contractual suppliers

    More than 80 leading manufacturers’ competences support the Welding Technology sector in its daily business. Branded names such as Lorch, Rehm, Binzel, Jutec, Sinotec, TEKA, Müller Opladen, Orbitec, Segenwitz and Weldas, for example, stand for a fleet of high-quality suppliers with their names. 

  • New welding technology-catalogue by “The Welding Professionals“

    The new welding technology-catalogue 2015/16 is now available.

    Circulation:  approx. 55,000

    Pages: ca. 700 This trade-catalogue offers a choice of products and technological information on a high level, doing justice to the quality standards of leading manufacturers. The catalogue's layout was refurbished soundly and now adpots the "Welding Professionals"-layout.

    Accessing important information was simplified and the individual chapters are highlighted by "Pro-Hints", "Pro-Knowledge" and a "Pro-Corner“. Numerous product add-ons were implemented:

    - Welding- and plasma cutters on inverter-base 

    - WIG and MIG/MAG welders and accessories

    - Automat helmets with ventilation units

    - Equipment for electrolytic etching

    - Tungsten electrodes wet grinding devices This catalogue matches the requirements of the individual "Welding Professionals" perfectly.

    All in all, the different versions of the catalogue are available in 25 combinations.


  • Expert group / The Welding Professionals

    The Welding Professionals - that is the name by which members of the Expert Group Welding Technology in the E/D/E will be known from now on. All participants, traders and suppliers, welcomed the new brand conception, which E/D/E introduced on behalf of 20 years of Expert Group Welding Technology in Frankfurt in June 2013. The new label represents a stronger external impact via a common brand appearance and coordinated marketing-activities.

    Common values, norms and aims lead to further consolidation of the group by stronger relationships and a better profile in matters of external communication. An intense cooperation with selected suppliers in purchasing and distribution, vivid marketing activities as well as a well-yielding trade brand secure a strong position in their regional markets for the members of our expert group. As of July 2013, an additional sortiment of the trade brand FORMAT is being inducted into the market in the area of welding machines. This new and attractive portfolio will be realised simultaneously by nearly all 37 members of the expert group with corresponding marketing measures. The Expert Group Welding Technology / "The Welding Professionals" with its current 37 members is the strongest community of technical welding traders in Germany.


  • Contact

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