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We like to help in our city

Helping where the need is greatest – for E/D/E an important part of its corporate philosophy. For this reason E/D/E is very active in its hometown of Wuppertal. We put our sponsoring focus on supporting numerous projects which help children and teenagers from the general area of Wuppertal. Supporting facilities that serve as a rallying point for young people in emergency situations is a part of this.

But help is also needed in places which lack the simplest means because of meager municipal budgets. The focus is on long-lasting partnerships.

  • Committed employees

    That E/D/E employees take responsibility and commit themselves is also visible in activities such as the annual Christmas-gift donation activity. E/D/E employees play an important part here. In the context of the annual “Make a wish”-Christmas event, employees buy gifts for children in need from Wuppertal. During a Christmas-celebration, E/D/E employees and the children get into the Christmas mood. Further more, E/D/E employees contributed to voluntary activities, such as baking cakes for a good cause.

  • Priority projects

    For us, it’s a matter of fact to support projects and organizations in our city. Our focus is on long-lasting partnerships which shows in the three priority projects of E/D/E and the E/D/E Foundation. Dazu zählen das Kinderhospiz Bergisches Land, die Junior Uni sowie die Station Natur und Umwelt.

    Children’s Hospice Bergisches Land: E/D/E enabled commencement of construction by donating 600,000 Euro. The installation opened its doors in March 2015. The hospice offers care for families with severely ill children in a comfortable environment where they may feel at home.

    Junior Uni: An important tool for autonomous living is knowledge. In order for children and young people to enjoy learning and gain knowledge independently, the Junior University was established for Wuppertal and the Bergisch Land region. It is a privately operated educational institution cooperating with many initiatives and institutions in the region pursuing similar goals.  E/D/E Foundation as one of three founding companies donated 100000 Euros over the course of five years and continues to support Junior Uni. E/D/E helped significantly in financing the new building (opened in autumn 2013) by donating 900000 Euros.

    Station Natur und Umwelt: there is a long-standing partnership in this sector with the Förderverein der Station Natur und Umwelt (Association for Nature and Environment Station). The station is the largest local institution for environmental education in the region of Bergisches Land. For example, Because of its affinity with the city and the certainty of supporting a good project E/D/E donated over one million Euros for the re-construction of the station. With the money, the association was able to build a new, larger and innovative building in 2010, which is also a demonstration item for ecological construction. Also, Skulpturm was erected, a tower which generates wind energy at a height of 17 meters and collects weather data. Furthermore, E/D/E group supports the annual environment festivals.

  • Christmas donations

    In the context of our Christmas donations yet also spread throughout the year, many facilities in the Wuppertal area receive funding for actual projects and in special cases. In this context, the Cold Bus will be able to continue to patrol Wuppertal. This special bus takes homeless persons to shelters where they can spend the night and also serves hot beverages like coffee or tea. The Children's Emergency Ward Wuppertal gets support for a North Sea summer-camp. E/D/E also helped the Verein Sozialtherapeutische Kinder und Jugendarbeit e. V. in acquiring a VW Up for transporting underage-refugees for purposes of medical and therapeutic care.

    E/D/E Foundation supports "Die Färberei" in Wuppertal, a communications-center for handicapped and non-handicapped persons, in realizing theater classes. The Soziales Hilfswerk Wuppertal-Langerfeld was also supported by the Foundation.

    You may find an overview of the E/D/E Christmas donations here (German only).

  • Education: Strengthened into the future

    The E/D/E Foundation views the furthering of education as its central mission. It engages itself not only in the industry in the area of further qualification in Industrial B2B in cooperation with ZHH-Bildungswerk. It also supports many pedagocial and cultural projects as well as social institutions from the region within the context of societal responsibility.

    In order to prepare young people for a career and the corresponding application procedures, E/D/E cooperates with different schools in the region: Employees from the E/D/E HR department conduct applicant training with students in their last year before graduation. In this way, they are strategically prepared for Assessment-Centers and job interviews.

  • Culture

    Culture, in times of reduced public spending, is a threatened treasure. E/D/E likes to help within its means in order to preserve and boost culture offers from the region which are worth the preservation effort.

    In order to promote the free arts-scene of the city, the Wuppertal municipality initiated the Wuppertal cultural fund. The municipal office for culture as well as citizens and Wuppertal-based companies, amongst them E/D/E, support people who work in the cultural areas and arts and thus give a chance to budding artists. A jury selects projects amongst the applicants that are especially worthy of support, which are then furthered with means from the fund.

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