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eDC - the electronic Data-Center

eDC stands for electronic Data-Center.

In the future, it will bring the B2B sector exactly what it urgently needs: ideal product data for sales. In addition to the traditional catalogues, end consumers, such as customers in the industry, craftsmen, municipal authorities, planners and architects, expect product advice and useful information from distributors, and that means much more product data from the manufacturers – preferably all of it.  And consumers want
access to this information at all times, everywhere, and across all distribution channels.

But complete manufacturer data, in a uniform quality, structure and standard, is not yet available to distribution across the manifold distribution channels.

The  eDC  will  therefore  provide  distribution  with  central  access  to  complete  manufacturer product data in a new comprehensive classification standard for all manufacturers, prepared to the highest quality by product experts. The classification standard was already worked out or fixtures, occupational safety and technical trade, further more the first complete manufacturer data were refined on that base.

The eDC will relieve both E/D/E B2B members as well as industry partners with this central data pool. E/D/E will also ensure that the complete product data is integrated into the distributor systems and that the various electronic sales systems can be used optimally.

Watch our information film on eDC right here (German Version with English Subtitles)


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    Managing Director E/D/E
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    42389 Wuppertal

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