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Quality and Service Campaign Service 48

For E/D/E members and suppliers, operational excellence and optimal service are at the focus of the central Services department.

The central Services department started its activity in early 2011, streamlining inter alia the Service Center (Germany and Europe), central Planning department, central Bonus Settlement department, ERFA-GROUPS department, Key Data Quality in the Warehouse Business, Key Account Management and Framework Agreements for Members and Suppliers (SPARPLATZ). Service concepts such as procurement service are being created in this area.

  • Service Center Germany and Europe

    Contact partners at the E/D/E Service Center can answer enquiries at any time in German, French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

    Through targeted measures we were able to reduce the total procedures of the service center from 1,500 daily procedures to 800 procedures in 2011, which means for our members, that we are now capable of responding to 98 per cent of the enquiries within 48 hours.

  • Central Bonus Department

    Here a central team is available to E/D/E members and suppliers for any questions related to bonus settlement.

    A completely correct bonus settlement is the key to successful cooperation and mutual trust.


    In 2012 the ERFA-GROUP work in E/D/E was raised to a new level. Alongside the groups already existing today, the goal is to give all interested dealers the possibility of discussing important subjects at a sophisticated level with like-minded people without competition pressure. The choice of topics is individual and flexible in each group in order to reflect the interests of the participating members precisely.

  • E/D/E- Framework agreement “SPARPLATZ”

    Your SPARPLATZ-benefits:

    • More attractive conditions e.g. for fleet, telecommunications, etc.
    • Direct contact partner for efficient, competent advice and offers
    • Special economical monthly campaigns of E/D/E contractual partners regularly by mail
    • Current and comprehensive SPARPLATZ-offers in the E/D/E Extranet

    Over 500 members are already using this service offer.

  • First-Class-Service 48

    The department’s main objective is to systematically improve the service performance of E/D/E through systematic analyses and measuring procedures as well as targeted measures. The focus is on providing high quality E/D/E services to all E/D/E members at any time (First-Class-Service 48).

    All procedures and interfaces in Logistics, in the technical departments, in the finance department and service sectors were analyzed systematically for the first time and continuous reporting was developed. Through these new control mechanisms and measuring procedures, weaknesses were defined, which were then subjected to changes.

    Further concepts and measures focus on employee behavior. Subjects such as “Accessibility over the Telephone” were handled and optimized in “Subject Weeks”. Additional measures were based on internal and external communications, solution-oriented activity, prevention of mistakes instead of correction of mistakes, responsibility for complying with deadlines, feedback efficiency, etc.

  • Procurement Service

    As of mid-2012, member companies have the possibility of purchasing the entire product range through the E/D/E Logistics Center, subject to the individual purchase terms agreed on between the E/D/E member and the E/D/E contractual supplier.

    This service significantly reduces the logistics and order processes of the member companies.


  • Central Planning department

    In the Central Planning department specialists are primarily available for the E/D/E contractual suppliers for guaranteeing and coordinating delivery to the E/D/E Central Warehouse.

    The Central Planning department ensures that the member companies can rely on delivery availability of at least 98 per cent.

  • Contact

    Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler

    EDE Platz 1

    42389 Wuppertal

    Zentrale:+49 202 6096-0

    Fax:+49 202 6096-70714


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