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High-performance service provider for member companies

ETRIS BANK is the corporate bank at the side of its clients.

ETRIS BANK is a finance institute with special roots. Evolved out of Europe's largest marketing and purchasing-association in industrial wholesale-distribution, ETRIS BANK knows and understands the needs of mid-sized trading companies especially well. ETRIS BANK is a one hundred percent subsidiary of E/D/E.
The services offered are tailored to the needs and requirements of mid-sized companies.

Be it del credere liability, balance sheet analysis, consulting concerning company succession or financing of expansion measures – ETRIS BANK is the reliable partner at the side of medium-sized businesses from industrial wholesale distribution.

Services of ETRIS BANK

ETRIS BANK's primary goal is the furthering of entrepreneurial freedom of action.

The custom-tailored banking services of ETRIS BANK are strictly oriented to the needs of medium-sized businesses. ETRIS BANK offers:

• payment transactions
• trade financing
• investment financing

You may find more information here: www.etrisbank.de

  • ETRIS BANK: activities to be increased significantly

    The one hundred percent E/D/E subsidiary ETRIS BANK plays a key-role in the corporate strategy up to the year 2020. It is the natural bed-rock of the core-project financial institute, within whose context financial services for members, suppliers and cooperations are strengthened. In the long run, offering said services to third parties might be a possibility. ETRIS BANK will also, alongside the other European subsidiaries, establish central payment in other countries. Already now ETRIS BANK offers comprehensive services regarding del credere liability, as well as expansion- and investment-financing. E/D/E's aim is turning ETRIS BANK into a service institute for cooperations and European partners - as well as boosting financing for medium-sized businesses all-over Europe while being closer to markets.



  • ETRIS BANK takes over central payment

    As of early 2013, ETRIS BANK as a special institute for central payment, payments and trade financing has taken over central payment and del credere completely from E/D/E. Together with E/D/E it forms a stable joint liability scheme and constitutes the connecting element between members and suppliers of E/D/E. Simultaneously, in 2013 the prerequisites were created for taking over further financial services for members and suppliers of E/D/E soon. Further more, consulting activities are going to be expanded, for instance with regard to service offers such as rating and intercompany comparison.



  • Specialists on duty for E/D/E and industrial wholesale distribution

    The banking-company and E/D/E subsidiary offers more professional and comprehensive financing services than hitherto. In a nutshell: E/D/E brings in the necessary experience while ETRIS BANK creates new possibilities.

    Next to the specialist areas of products, processes and logistics, financing services has grown as a focus in business. Founding a bank was the next logical step for E/D/E in order to further expand this elementary area. Since ETRIS BANK concentrates on partners within industrial wholesale distribution, working back to back with clients, suppliers and E/D/E remains the highest principle for ETRIS BANK.


  • Contact

    ETRIS Bank GmbH

    Dieselstraße 45

    42389 Wuppertal

    Zentrale:+49 (0) 202-6096 1500

    Telefax:+49 (0) 202-6096 70 500


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