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Mutually strong

Nowadays, strategic alliances play an important role in all industries and sectors. This also includes the issue of processing finance and payment flows between the partners involved.

As one of the largest central regulators in Europe, the E/D/E is the binding element between contracted suppliers and member companies. The objective of central regulation is to guarantee more security and transparency, combined with a prompt flow of documents and data, for both sides.

For a long time now, the E/D/E has been offering its member companies rapid and simple invoicing with its central regulation procedure.

With the del credere liability, this means with the guarantee of being responsible for all goods deliveries and services, the E/D/E offers its contracted suppliers an additional security.

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    Dr. Christoph Grote

    Managing Director Products & Sales


    EDE Platz 1

    42389 Wuppertal

    Telephone:+49 202 6096-0
    Fax:+49 202 6096-670

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