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E/D/E operating equipment

The core functions of the sector are purchasing and product management and distribution. As specialists, the employees are the contacts for members and suppliers. Through permanent dialogue on all levels, we always have the relevant information about the current ranges. This exchange of information is ensured by intense cooperation of competence groups and boards, but also by a well functioning network of suppliers. We are responsible for the sectors of:


  • Factory equipment and office furniture
  • Lifting equipment
  • Storage equipment
  • Climbing technology
  • Transportation equipment
  • Environmental protection
  • Packagings


The actual trading volume (in millions of Euro):


  • 2019   225
  • 2020   205
  • Planning software pCon.planner

    Together with partners, the E/D/E division of factory equipment has developed a high-performance concept for professionalization of planning factory equipment.
    The aim of the project was the introduction of a holistic solution from planning to finished offers for factory equipment. Thus pCon.planner was created, a program for visualization of factory space plans in 2D und 3D, using an OMFL-offer tool (Office Furniture Modeling Language). The performance spectrum for members comprises photo-realistic visualizations and video-animations up to rendition of visual offers taking into account price calculation and the E/D/E product range. Tools which have proven their function in daily use enable effective and simple work. The complete package comprises the necessary components of the solution, carefully crafted training and maintenance for E/D/E members as well as continual support with data from the participating suppliers.

    The most recent development is a 360-degrees-Panorama App, which is now avaible for Apple and Android free of charge. With this App, our members have the opportunity to present 3D-plans to their customers on tablets or smartphones in a virtual "walk around"-fashion. The App is ready for installation in the known Google and Apple App-Stores.

  • Expert groups

    An intensive cooperation with chosen manufacturers in acquisition and distribution, intense marketing activities as well as two strong trade brands secure a strong position for our expert group members in their regional markets.
    The expert group Factory Equipment is one of the strongest communities in the area of factory equipment in Germany.

  • Catalogues

    Our members make ample use of the target group-oriented catalogues for factory equipment. In this manner for instance, we provide specialised dealers of the distribution groups PREMIUM and UNION with differentiated catalogues for specialised marketing which live up to the highest standards. These catalogues consist of a 1000 pages each and have a shelf-life ranging from 1.5 to 2 years.
    The catalogue "Common factory equipment" with a volume of about 650 pages as well as regularly appearing brochures complete the shared distribution activities.

    In the context of targeted diversification, the new catalogue packaging materials appeared in May 2014 for the first time, numbering 100 pages and almost 1000 articles. The business area of packaging materials enabled members, to get an angle at new customer groups and to generate additional turnover. A new edition is planned for August 2015.

    All in all, our factory equipment-catalogues run at a number of more than 300,000 copies.
    Target group-oriented catalogues from the factory equipment-range are now being deployed in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and France.

  • Warehouse

    We keep a carefully curated assortment of more than 3,000 items from the factory equipment sector stocked in our warehouse. We deliver these items within 24 hours in Germany and within 48 hours in Europe. 

  • Suppliers

    In the context of a professional supplier-management we have agreements with more than 350 suppliers. Our long-lived and active partnerships underline the vivid cooperation with all important suppliers from the industry.

  • Factory equipment TV

    In the beginning of 2015, BETRIEBSEINRICHTER TV (Factory equipment TV) went on air for the first time.

    Here, short yet insightful movies are shot by a professional production team, focussing on selected products. Via a special online-channel, these clips are presented to E/D/E members providing a means of training and product information.

    Further qualification of E/D/E trading companies and in conjunction, strengthening of the competitive edge on site are the main points here.


  • Contact

    Udo Thamm

    Division Manager

    EDE Platz 1

    42389 Wuppertal

    Fax:+49 202 6096-70774
    Switchboard:+49 202 6096-0