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E/D/E technical trade

The core-functions of the Technical Trade sector relate to services in purchasing, product management and sales. As specialists, the employees are the contacts for members and suppliers. Through permanent dialogue on all levels, we always have the relevant information about the current ranges. This exchange of information is ensured by intense cooperation of competence groups and boards, but also by a well functioning network of suppliers. Technical trade is comprised of the sections Technical trade and workshop materials. Technical Trade deals with the following product ranges: • Hoses

• Armatures/fittings

• Pneumatic technology

• Industrial rubber products / profiles

• Sealing and insulating technology

• Semi-finished plastics parts

• Drive technology

• Common industrial supplies

The area of workshop-materials deals with product ranges of chemical-technical products: • Adhesives and sealants

• Maintenance products

• Lubricants

• Reinigungsmittel

Trading volume-development (in million Euros):

• 2019  245

• 2020  258


  • Suppliers

    Apart from important trade partners from the industry, a high number (250 suppliers) of the most important European manufacturers in the individual product areas are listed as contracted suppliers in the Technical trade sector. Cooperation with important partners from the industry makes it possible to achive a high market share which is the base for successful work.

  • Warehousing business

    A total of more than 3500 products are managed in stock at the warehouse in the Technical Trade sector and available within 24 hours in Germany and within 48 hours in Europe. The focal point of this stocked range is the Workshop Parts sector. As well as products from the E-COLL brand, the range is also made up of first brand products from renowned manufacturers.

  • Catalogues

    The Industrial Technology catalogue is only available to traders from the Technical Trade expert group. The catalogue edition has a shelf life of 2 1/2 years. With a circulation of approximately 60,000 copies, the reference book enjoys a significant position on the market. Over about 900 pages, you can view high-quality brand products from over 100 manufacturers. The ranges are intended for professional users in trade and industry. Due to the diversity of the Technical Trade industry, the catalogue is offered with various alternate versions. Topical flyers and brochures are rounding off the sales activities.

    The Industrial articles-catalogue is a comprehensive catalogue at the disposal of all members as of May 2014. It offers 6000 items from six product groups on 350 pages, ranging from industrial supplies, drive technology, sealing-, pneumatic- and fluid-technology to adhesives and sealants. The product range is tuned to the E/D/E warehousing range and available for delivery within 24 hours to attractive conditions.

    The workshop-materials catalogue (chemical-technical products) is provided for all members and can be ordered even in small numbers. The catalogue appears biannually with 20,000 copies. On 150 pages, the brand E-COLL which is also contained in the catalogue offers a comprehensive and specialised product range of Chemical-technical products, covering nearly all areas around maintenance, lubricants, cleaning as well as adhesives and sealants. For the first time in the issue 2015/2016 all important brands are advertised in core product ranges, in order to demonstrate the performance for the A-brand. All contained articles are tuned to the E/D/E warehousing range and available for delivery within 24 hours to attractive conditions.

  • Trademarks

    The Technical Trade sector currently works with two trade brands (FORMAT and E-COLL). The FORMAT Industrietechnik brand is only available to the Technical Trade expert group. With E-COLL (chemical and technical products), we offer an extensive and professional range of chemical and technical products. The E-COLL range is available to all member establishments without restrictions. The entire range of the E-COLL brand is managed from the Wuppertal warehouse. All products can be purchased in individual shipments. At the moment, the E-COLL range includes approximately 600 products from the fields of maintenance, lubricants, cleaning, adhesives and sealants. Furthermore, technical and safety datasheets are available for all products.

    As well as own trade brands, the Technical Trade sector also offers the opportunity of managing individualised trade brands for individual trading companies. The sector offers an extensive approach for the relevant users.


  • E-Coll sales partners

    With E-COLL, we offer an extensive and specialised range of chemical and technical products. The high level of quality is tailored to use in industry, trade and craft. All E-COLL products are produced exclusively on our assignment and in accordance with our guidelines by leading manufacturers. We guarantee an optimal price-performance ratio and quality on which you can rely.

    In the sales partner group, about 40 traders develop the fundamental strategies concerning the goods range of the trade brand E-COLL. As a distribution partner, you will receive extensive support in marketing and in the procurement of specialist knowledge.

  • Competence groups

    The continual specialisation in goods sectors which are demanding in their content has led to better and better solutions for users both in the manufacturing trade and specialist trade. To do justice to this development, highly-specialised traders have formed competence groups within the Technical Trade expert group. For more intensive knowledge transfer among one another and to the industry. At the moment, there are competence groups in the sectors of seals and profiles together with hoses and fittings.

    The objectives of the competence group work are versatile:

    • Further development of products
    • Implementation of requirements of the market
    • Development of solutions to problems
    • Service concepts
    • Logistics systems
    • Continual improvement of the quality of consultation
  • Technical Trade expert group

    An intense cooperation of seleceted manufacturers in purchasing and sales, intense marketing-activities, as well as the trade brand FORMAT Industrietechnik secure our expert group-members a strong position in their regional markets. The Technical Trade sector is the union of independent specialist traders throughout the whole of Germany. In 1995, the Technical Trade expert group was founded with 19 members. The main objective was collective procurement marketing and the creation of a trade catalogue for industrial requirements with high-quality branded ranges for hoses, fittings, vibration technology, seals, profiles, panels, chemical technical products, semi-finished plastic products, compressed air fixtures, machine operating equipment and industrial requirements. This first catalogue was published in 1996. The current edition is about 900 pages. Today, over 30 technical traders with a total of over 60 sites are members of the expert group. More information obtainable at:



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