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E/D/E industrial safety

The occupational safety division realised a total trading volume of 462 million euros in the 2020 financial year and currently employs twelve specialists in the product areas of foot protection, clothing, personal protective equipment, eye protection, respiratory protection, hearing protection, head protection and hand protection.

All the important European suppliers in the above-mentioned product areas are listed as contract suppliers in the specialist area of occupational safety and health. The market share is correspondingly large, which is the basis for successful work. In addition to the occupational safety specialist group with 38 companies nationwide, the FAVORIT Group and the PREMIUM occupational safety service group, E/D/E works very intensively and cooperatively with ASSI TecLog AG and Kompetenz4. By bundling these forces, the department is very successful and optimally positioned for the future, for all the necessary challenges that industry and trade pose to the association headquarters.


  • Expert group catalogue

    The Industrial Safety expert group catalogue with a circulation of 45,000 copies and about 35,000 items products from 70 contract suppliers has developed into the ultimate industry catalogue and is an important service for affiliated traders. Via usage of the Electronic Catalogue-Configurator (ECC), expert group members have a new online tool at their command in the area of individual catalogue-creation. With just a few steps all members may compile their own individual catalogues from around 1200 pages in order to perfectly match their sales-structures.

  • Warehousing business

    In total, 3500 products are currently stocked in bulk in the PPE sector. A turnover of almost €17 million is made here. 60 suppliers ensure a complete range.


  • Trademarks

    Currently, the Industrial Safety sector works with the two trade brands FORMAT and FORTIS. The FORMAT trade brand is available exclusively to the Industrial Safety expert group as well as PREMIUM Industrial Safety and is very specialised in terms of the depth and breadth of the range. With FORTIS Arbeitsschutz, we offer a trade brand range with which E/D/E member companies are able to differentiate themselves clearly from the competition. A 24-hour delivery service and attractive prices for industrial B2B are par for the course.


  • FAVORIT group

    The FAVORIT partners are perfectly established in their region as flexible and efficient suppliers for industrial safety products. The cooperation with leading specialist retailers throughout the whole of Germany leads to synergies, which benefit customers in industry, council-run companies and the trade. Through this cooperation, the FAVORIT group realises a new service quality because processes are standardised for all partners as a matter of course. Further information at www.favorit-arbeitsschutz.de and www.forsec.de.

  • Industrial safety expert group

    The Industrial Safety expert group is a union of specialised companies, which are dedicated to the themes of industrial safety and occupational safety in their full breadth and scope. The group adjusts to the constantly increasing demands of the industry with innovative concepts and system solutions. The expert group was founded in 1993 with 13 members and now has Germany-wide coverage with a total of 37 members. Further information at www.arbeitsschutz-fk.de.

  • PREMIUM Industrial safety

    The sales group PREMIUM ARBEITSSCHUTZ is a new conglomerate of 21 members with a Germany-wide network of 33 branches under the roof of PREMIUM. It was founded in 2013.


    For sales activities the group deals with exclusive sales for trade brand FORMAT Arbeitsschutz using a special Industrial Safety-catalogue. All in all it numbers 47,500 copies. There are mutual agreements with members concerning topics such as catalogue production, supplier- and assortment-definitons, central purchasing, logistics and sales.


  • Contact

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