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Marketing catalogues

Take advantage of the opportunity to efficiently develop your marketing strategy with a product catalogue. Many of our members are already experiencing the success achieved with this strong sales tool.

As a partner, E/D/E is happy to relieve its partners of the planning and implementation of their catalogue project. With in-depth knowledge of project management, E/D/E catalogue logistics guarantees members and contract suppliers professional support from the start of the project through data management to the delivery of the individual mono- or multilingual print objects. These are of course also available in digital form for online presences. All catalogue production and data management processes are certified in accordance with the latest version of DIN EN ISO 9001. All catalogues are in the best professional hands at E/D/E Katalogistik. This allows partners to concentrate fully on their core business.


Concerning your catalogue The power of a strong association: As an E/D/E member, you will benefit from our knowledge and from capable groups and partners. The concept-connected expert group catalogue and E/D/E catalogue modules are also developed by this powerful pool. These works can be individualised for your company at just a slight expense. If you want something completely individual, the team will plan your individual catalogue and layout concept based on your conditions, take over the entire project supervision and support you in the creation of your individual catalogue – from image processing to data collection and management, through to printing and dispatch. And, during the preparations for your new catalogue, if you want to know exactly what your customers think about you, use our customer survey service. Simple, competent, successful – our certified project management is your advantage. The strength of the E/D/E association will impress you. Your tailor-made catalogue It fits like a glove: we support your individual catalogue process from the very beginning. Your tailor-made publication project always focuses on your addressees. Target group-oriented and taking into account the corporate design, the catalogue team will create the right concept for you and implement this in the best possible way. The E/D/E offers a comprehensive service – from efficient data management to sophisticated dispatch. Save time and money without your customers noticing it. You receive optimised quality.

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