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Retail-subsidiary with a good standing in the DIY-industry

EURO-DIY is the new retail subsidiary of E/D/E and EK/servicegroup. Since its start in early 2013 it has been received favourably by both industry and members. Meanwhile EURO-DIY already attends to 500 specialised dealers and retail-markets as a systems center in the area of DIY-retail in Germany. Most of all, EURO-DIY is, with the Werkmarkt-concept, home to a renowned specialised market-system.
Services of EURO-DIY:
• Category-Management, i.e. target-group oriented assortment creation and pricing negotiations with the industry up to creation of assortment components
• Procurement of lists / master file data, assortment modules and advertising supplements
• Store planning including support in renovation and refurbishing
• Intense care for members by sales force

The EURO-DIY team works permanently on assortment modules and perpetuates orientation towards specialised retailing. The goal is sustainable strenghthening of the specialized retail-approach of its members and thus setting them apart from large DIY stores. All systems-services of EURO-DIY orient themselves strictly to the needs of its members and market requirements.

  • Additional value

    Reducing costs, increasing revenue and optimizing outward communication: This is the zeal of the EURO-DIY service program, which overs real added value for instance in the areas of marketing, advertizing, financial consulting, qualification and inventory control. Backing this are the mother companies EK/servicegroup and E/D/E with their comprehensive service-competence. Both associations procure members of EURO-DIY cooperation with internal and external experts from quality-assured portfolios, which satisfy every individual need with regard to efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

    In the area of advertizing / marketing for instance, Werkmarkt-members may use a loyalty card-system via EURO-DIY, further more they may have 4- or 8-page advertising supplements or advertisements for daily papers created for them.

  • Strong assortment concept

    The assortment concept is being continually sharpened at EURO-DIY with hindsight to a stronger orientation towards specialised retailing and differentiation from larger competitors in the DIY-sector (building centers). In order to enable members to order small numbers of items, the articles in stock in the centralized logistics centers of E/D/E and EK servicegroup are included in the assortment modules.


  • EURO-DIY as a systems center

    EURO-DIY sees itself as a systems-center. It provides a service-portfolio, which is geared towards the needs of the E/D/E and EK retail-members with small and medium-sized sales-rooms. The team is speeding up for this: Purchase agreements with over 500 suppliers were drawn up. Thus, 350.000 listed articles are at the disposal of members via the EURO-DIY Extranet, from which they may create their unique assortments using individual components. It is also possible to refer services of parent companies to members, e.g. the merchandise management system "shopwin“ or the eCommerce-tool "Multi-Shop“.
    Members are prevalently owner-managed in rural areas and ranging from shop-floor areas of 300 up to 3,000 square-meters. The average sales floor covers 600 square-meters. The modular concepts of EURO-DIY are geared exactly to these sizes. Across from the Wuppertal headquarters there is a concept market, in which members may convince themselves of the effect of our sales room-planning.


  • Contact

    Fred Ströter
    Managing Director EURO-DIY GmbH & Co. KG

    EDE Platz 1
    42389 Wuppertal

    Telephone:+49 202 60 96-920
    Fax:+49 202 60 96-70826



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