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Securing future – taking responsibility together

The Wuppertal-based purchasing association E/D/E summarizes the developments and projects regarding economic, social, societal and ecological responsibities in its third Sustainability Report. On 60 pages and in a new design, the report offers a comprehensive overview over activities and projects from the area of sustainability.

With its third sustainability report E/D/E emphasizes its leading role in industrial wholesale distribution and documents its activities and projects in the sustainability sector on 60 pages. Divided into the categories Economy, Social questions, Society and Ecology, the report gives an overview on E/D/E's efforts, pointing out progress and successes. "For many years now, sustainability has been a firm component of our corporate strategy. We deal with various topics analytically, initiate projects incorporating the entire company, and document course and results“, explains Hans-Jürgen Adorf, Chairman of the E/D/E Advisory Board.

Especially noteworthy developments from the past two years are construction are reduction of paper-use in E/D/E by about 10 percent, reduction of garbage by 20 percent, saving 44131 Kilograms of CO2-emissions as well as advancing further and vocational training in E/D/E. In the context of our Christmas donations, the group gives more than 100000 Euros annualy to social institutions in Wuppertal.

The third E/D/E sustainability report as PDF

Sustainability is traditionally held in high regard at E/D/E. "We achieved a lot in order to secure the economic future of our company, of our members, suppliers and employees, in the long run. Entrepreneurial responsibility also means to us that we strive for our society as a whole, and keep an eye on the careful usage of our natural resources“, resumes Hans-Jürgen Adorf. "But the path is still a long one to walk. We also want to dedicate ourselves intensively to the topic in the future and be a good example to our cooperation-partners.“

The report with the title "Securing future – taking responsibility together" is distributed to members and suppliers of E/D/E as well as to employees and various associations, institutions as well as societal, cultural and social facilities of the municipality of Wuppertal. With the aid of external interview-partners, amongst them futurologist Matthias Horx and Prof. Dr. Christoph M. Schmidt, chief-economic advisor of the German government and president of the Rhenish-Westphalian institute for economic research (RWI), the report introduces the various perspectives on the topic of sustainability.

The picture pages of the report also show the topic of responsibility: Trainees represent the qualified support for young professionals (economic responsibility). The topic of reconciling family and professional life is symbolized by an E/D/E employee and her daughter in front of the new E/D/E daycare facility „The EDEfants“. The annual “Make a wish”-Christmas event, during which employees buy gifts for children in need from Wuppertal, is also being depicted by two E/D/E employees (societal responsibility). For emphasis of our ecological responsibility, two E/D/E employees were in front of the camera regarding the topic of saving hardcopies by printing less.



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