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E/D/E Precision Tools

Together with sales, professional purchasing and product management form the core function of the division. Optimal purchasing conditions are achieved by bundling volumes and selecting optimal suppliers, among other things. As specialists, our employees are the contacts for our members. They can provide information about chipping, clamping and measuring technology. Through the permanent dialogue with manufacturers and regular visits to trade fairs, they have all the information about current trends in the tool world. With this knowledge, they develop the catalogue ranges to meet market demands with each edition. The current trading volume (in million Euro):


  • 2018      117
  • 2019      113


The division has concluded purchasing agreements with more than 250 suppliers. We also work intensively together dealing with systems, concepts and catalogues with the market leaders of the relevant sectors. As a general rule, we manage their ranges in our electronic Logistics Centre. Since 1994, there has been an active cooperation with PRECITOOL in the field of precision and manual tools. 29 high-performance partner companies are combined through a modern logistics and service company in Neuenstein. We have unified particularly specialised traders into expert groups. The most intensive cooperation takes place in distribution systems, such as PREMIUM WERKZEUG HANDEL. In this respect, we have made reciprocal agreements with members concerning the issues of catalogue creation, supplier and range definition, central purchasing, logistics and distribution. For our members, four trademarks (27,000 products) are being continually further developed on the basis of market requirements. Our expert groups use target group-oriented catalogues, whose ranges are stored in the eLC Logistik-Center and delivered to end consumers within 24 hours, with an availability of more than 98%. Regular brochures for sales support round off the shared marketing activities. Even in the compilation of these brochures, market proximity is a given due to the intensive collaboration with the manufacturers and advisory boards of individual groups. You will find more information about our expert groups on their internet sites: www.premium-format.com and www.union-werkzeuge.de                                


  • Industry Meeting

    A very important platform for communication between trade and industry is provided by the industry meeting, which takes place every two years for the tool sector. 

        First-hand experience of up-to-date information, conditions and trends
    + Optimal planning of dates and schedules
    + Lots of contacts in a really short period of time
    + Lots more....
    = Minimum commitment with maximum cost-effectiveness

    Even on the evening before this event, we meet with members and suppliers. The first business dealings are initiated here, particularly between people who have no appointments on the following days.

  • Tool Forum

    Every two years, we hold a tool forum for our members and suppliers. This is where the decision-makers from trade and production meet to exchange opinions and hold intensive meetings.

    In addition, top-class speakers are always invited who provide up-to-date information about current issues.

  • Marketplaces

    As part of the catalogue introductions, we design a “marketplace” together with the industry, in which traders and suppliers can come together. This event is used by sales employees of the individual members to have information, particularly relating to product innovations, explained directly from their suppliers. Furthermore, specialists from the specialist divisions provide information about changes in the ranges.

  • Trademarks

    We offer trademarks in the sectors of tools, operating equipment, welding technology and stationary machinery. The E/D/E can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the development of trademark ranges – in cooperation with members and the industry.

    The high-quality trademark is a very good supplement to the brand with its optimal price-performance ratio. We vary the packaging, colouring and design to provide differentiation.

    We differentiated between the trademarks for the industrial B2B industry and retail trade. There are trademarks for major member associations and cooperation partners. In doing so, we offer a bundle of services – such as marketing support and planning as well as establishment of tool walls.

    The trademarks of our PREMIUM partners.

    For our members of the PREMIUM WERKZEUG HANDEL expert group, we offer the FORMAT trademark exclusively throughout Europe.

    The trademark of the UNION WERKZEUG-HANDEL

    For our members of the UNION WERKZEUG-HANDEL, we have exclusively developed the FORUM trademark. We also offer this throughout Europe.

    The trademark of the E/D/E for our members

    As a further trademark for our industrial B2B industry members, the FORTIS range exists. For our retailers within EURO-DIY we provide the brand CircumPRO.

  • Contact

    Udo Thamm

    Division Manager EDE Platz 1 42389 Wuppertal Fax:+49 202 6096-70770

    Switchboard:+49 202 6096-0



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