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Member strategies help growth

The E/D/E encourages individual growth strategies of individual member companies through a multitude of specialised marketing and professional group concepts. These concentrate on the requirements of individual market partners from a customer or supplier point of view. The core elements are sales tools (catalogues), logistics services for (catalogue) ranges, trade brand concepts and data management.

These core elements are developed with our members with special committees and bodies, depending on the industry market situation. In this way, systematic market processing is guaranteed on the way to strategic competitive advantages for member companies.

In addition, disadvantages are overcome in the SME specialist wholesale industry through the following concepts:

  • Formation of trading networks and strategic alliances to improve the cost and tender structure of member companies.
  • Overcoming of critical company sizes through ongoing growth of members.
  • Solution of succession problems.
  • Merger of companies.

The E/D/E promotes and supports the growth strategies of member companies through an extensive range of various services



Success needs training. We organize and coordinate special further educations seminars aimed at our sector in the following subject areas:

• Sales
• Purchasing
• Cost Management
• Personnel Management
• Marketing
• Personal Development and Management
• Seminars for Craftsmen

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Support at the entire management level. We prepare junior staff for its management functions and support young entrepreneurs who have already had a successful start. Exchange of information between members is strategically encouraged through seminars, visits to colleague companies and industrial training.


Target groups

• Entry-level employees during and after training or university studies
• Potential successors already having a responsible position within the company
• Young entrepreneurs who already manage the company independently
• Succession planning

The basics in the individual topic areas:
o Market tendencies and developments, Trend
o Internet/ eCommerce
o New inventory control systems
o Personnel management
o Team building
o Personality development
o Sales strategy
o Key performance indicators
o Modern operational procedures

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The TEAM – performance philosophy of successful PVH-dealers

Corporate culture and management conduct determine corporate success. This success can only be achieved with the best employees in the sector. Motivation and autonomy are the first factors which make a group of people acting into a “TEAM”.
The trans-sector concept of "The TEAM" shows ways to team-oriented work, provides important contributions toward the improvement of internal and external communication and shows companies how important it is to offer a sense of purpose instead of functioning merely as an employer.


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