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EURO-DIY Experiences Great Reception on the Market

The retail subsidiary of E/D/E and EK/servicegroup was launched on 1st January as planned and is enjoying positive feedback from trade and industry. The objective is to further sharpen the profile.Wuppertal – The new central systems office of E/D/E and EK/servicegroup started operations as planned on 1st January. Around 500 affiliated retailers are now supported extensively and in partnership by EURO-DIY GmbH & Co. KG. “In an initial review, we can say that we have experienced a great reception from the distributors and suppliers for our strategic focus and the specific implementation,” says EURO-DIY Manager Fred Ströter. Core services of the central retail office based in Wuppertal are professional category management, module and listing maintenance, conditions management, contemporary advertising and sales support. Here, EURO-DIY benefits from the competence of its parent companies, such as in terms of logistics support or the respective focus of the market presence. The starting point is the tried-and-tested DIY market concept, which stands out through qualified advice, strong brands and high quality. Moreover, the affiliated distributors are able to individually align themselves with various additional modules such as PLUS1 (the E/D/E specialisation concept for tools trade) or Haus & Co. (the local supplier multi-industry concept from EK). With the visible na-ture of specialist retail, the system concepts of EURO-DIY are sig-nificantly differentiated from all other large-area standard concepts. Dr Christoph Grote, whose responsibilities as a manager at E/D/E include products and sales, sees the vast experience of the parent companies in particular as a great opportunity for the affiliated dis-tributors: “These specialisation opportunities for EURO-DIY are a unique selling point in the market. We are convinced that owner-managed, small and medium-sized distributors with competence, quality and their own profile can give the big names as good as they get.” The EK LIVE order trade fair in January represented an initial per-formance test for the new central retail office. At the same time, the trend and service trade fair of the Bielefeld-based multi-industry association EK/servicegroup served as an order trade fair for EU-RO-DIY members. “We discussed at length, intensively and openly with distributors and industry representatives. That was important to us. The sales expectations for the order trade fair were also met,” summarises Fred Ströter. Once basic services such as the design of the modules, listing work or advertising planning have been implemented on time, strategic changes in direction are planned for this year in order to intensify the profile of the affiliated distributors – always in consultation. “We want to push other strong brands, refine the ranges and improve conditions. Moreover, we will continue to work on optimising the presentation of products,” states Fred Ströter. The EURO-DIY manager is confident: “We will make our mark in 2013 as well. Our team of 30 staff is ambitious and wants to successfully hold its ground.” For 2013, the budget forecasts a turnover of “around 250 million euros”.
In a further step, the expansion of EURO-DIY is being promoted. New members in Germany and Europe are to be won for the services of EURO-DIY. Download this Press Information as PDF: EURO-DIY Experiences Great Reception on the Market

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