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New E/D/E Data Management Begins as Top Priority

The purchasing and marketing association is decisively ex-panding its competence in the area of product and process management: starting with the fittings sector, the company is investing in the future of modern product data maintenance.Wuppertal – In 2013, the E/D/E is launching a new era of data management. The management has given the green light for the large-scale, top-priority “Electronic Data Centre” project – EDC for short. As the link between contract suppliers and distributors as well as their downstream customers, the E/D/E assumes a respon-sible function. The company will therefore introduce a completely new product information system (PIM) as part of the EDC. To this end, the E/D/E sector responsible, eBusiness, is being pro-vided with all of the necessary investments in staff, training and technical equipment. “The heart of our company and our business activities is and remains the products. We will therefore make all the services concerning the products our top priority,” says E/D/E board chairman Hans-Jürgen Adorf. “Our investments for this are in the million-euro range.” In the product sector of sanitation and heating, the E/D/E is already offering first-class service. A total of around 800,000 product data from all the main suppliers are available to the distributors accu-rately and in time. The E/D/E is now expanding this service to all product sectors on the basis of the new technology.
Initially, the data from the important E/D/E specialist area Fixtures, which includes over 250,000 items with around 100 contract suppliers, will be prepared. In the technical trade and industrial safety sectors, the specific preparations are likewise already un-derway. The other sectors represented at E/D/E will follow subse-quently. The previous data management for all E/D/E catalogues was al-ready moved from the E/D/E eBusiness sector to the E/D/E market-ing sector and merged with the catalogue management sector in January. “The E/D/E management sees the conceptual, technical and personnel separation between the current data management and the new EDC as a major success factor in the reconstruction,” says Martin Reinke, head of the E/D/E eBusiness sector. “Among other aspects, this concerns harmonisation of databases – and therefore also quality assurance.” In the future, all requirements should be covered from this comprehensive data pool, whether for the distributors’ ERP systems or for printed catalogues and online platforms. “The entire data management sector is being reconfigured with the E/D/E core project EDC. As such, we are creating the conditions for further, lasting success for our members and co-operation part-ners,” says Dr Andreas Trautwein, whose responsibilities on the management board include the eBusiness sector. Download this Press Information as PDF: New E/D/E Data Management Begins as Top Priority

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