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Groupe SOCODA and EDE International AG terminate the joint venture DELCREDIT France S.A.S. as of 31.12.2021 (copy 1)

Wuppertal – During an extraordinary shareholders' meeting at the end of June, the two shareholders of the French public limited company (S.A.S.), Groupe SOCODA and EDE International AG, agreed to terminate the joint venture on 31 December 2021. DELCREDIT France S.A.S. was founded in 2012 by the two shareholders to offer centralised payment (CP) as a service to the members of Groupe SOCODA and the French members of E/D/E on site.

The background to the joint decision is that in the chosen structure of DELCREDIT France, the results of the last few years could not meet the original expectations for the French market. The strategic and operational goals are to be realised in a different form in the future, so that the joint venture DELCREDIT France S.A.S. is no longer needed in this form and will be terminated by mutual agreement on 31 December 2021.

Both partners continue to see great strategic potential for financial services for members and suppliers on the French market and want to drive forward activities in this area independently in the future. For example, Groupe SOCODA is strategically considering offering the CP business in a different form for its own members. E/D/E will continue and expand central settlements as a core competence in-house on the French market with its wholly-owned subsidiary ETRIS BANK.

Both groups have been very successful on the French market for many years with their own and joint dealers with the FORUMplus SOCODA and FORMATplus sales concepts. E/D/E employs two sales representatives in the French market who take care of the sales topics of the dealers in close cooperation with the SOCODA members, such as conception and production of the next sales catalogues. A new joint product catalogue is planned for 2022. Other projects are under construction.

Groupe SOCODA and E/D/E have been cooperating in partnership since 1995. Both companies will continue to be closely connected as cooperation partners.


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Groupe SOCODA and EDE International AG terminate the joint venture DELCREDIT France S.A.S. as of 31.12.2021


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